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Great Lakes Splake and Lake Trout Regulations


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I just wonder how the heck their going to inforce those restrictions on Tribal folks :no: ... Not really, we all know the DNRE has washed their hands on anything to do with tribal fishing

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The DNR needs to ease up on Splake and Lake trout regulations especially in northern Lake Huron. The splake do not reproduce and the bathtub is full of lake trout so allow them to be caught and kept year round. It would promote some ice fishing and off season fishing. Who knows it might promote some tourist $$$$$ to come up this way. I could drive a mile from my house and ice fish them in the winter and that would be nice. I am sure that catching lakers and splake through the ice would attract a few ice fishermen but definitely not enough to hurt the population much.

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Here's a update to MH-1 and MH-2 Splake and Lake Trout Regs.

As of June 14th 2012 the Minimum size limit for Splake and Lake Trout will be 15 inches, the "slot Limit" is being removed

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