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River comes through again. 8-22-09

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Used the smaller boat today and was going to head to a couple of my near shore spots this morning with husband and wife clients (hopefully) before the wind turned NW and the waves got to big. Wulp......."Missed it by just that much". When we hit the end of the Karn Sea Wall at the mouth she was kicking pretty good and shifting fast to the North. One thing I did not want to do is head out knowing it was going to get worse.

Well Folks....Looks like we're going to troll the river today. So I geared up and started trolling back up-river. Ran into the brother in his boat going the other way. He was headed to our spots, and I told him to keep in touch and if the fish were there, I'd make the run waves or not. One hour later and no fish. Called the brother, he had no fish either and the surface temp near shore were down 10 degrees from it's usual temp out on the bay.

Right about that time I noticed the wind shifted fully out of the North and the river temp almost immediately went up 4 degrees from 77 to 82. With the North wind both holding and pushing the warmer water of the river back on itself. I decided to make some presentation changes and on our third 1/4 mile trolling pass we had 5 good (board stalling) rips, but they did not hook up.

I started to think the cranks may be hitting bottom, or maybe white bass, but right about then a board went under. Nice 4 pound walleye, fallowed by four others in quick succession, with 2 coming unhooked behind the boat short of the net. Called the brother and he headed in too join us. He boxed 2 on his first pass, and had to get home for work. We ended with 4 nice fish and lost 4 others to shake-offs. Also boated 2 cats and 2 sheep's. Sorry, didn't take any pictures. :grin:

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