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High/Muddy water Q & A.

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I live here in Mobridge SD and fish Lake Oahe. Unlike every other year that I lived here the water is rising and rising. Every little creek or river in the dakota's is flooding and pouring into the river. As a result the water level is near record levels. The water is very, very muddy. What are any suggestions you would have on how to catch spring walleyes. All the shorelines are flooded trees and\or weeds.



I've had my best luck in muddy waters by bulking up my jigs and/or using ones that have more flash or put off more noise. Also by finding and recognizing the newly flooded areas out of the main current on rivers or any body of water that holds walleyes. I remember one Freeland Lions Club tournament on the Tittabawassee, where the parking lot was almost all under water and that water was like liquid mud. My buddy backed the boat into the lot just far enough for the boat to float and we were off. We fished right on a flooded gravel road on a wide bend that was usually some 10 feet from the river edge, but now had 3 feet of water over it. I used a 3/8 ounce Hot Pink & White Whistler Jig, teamed with a twin tail white Mr. Twister, then added a 2 to 3 inch emrald shiner. A pretty big and noisey offering. Pulled 25 walleyes off this road bed by myself on day one and 18 on day two. The guy fishing with me had never jig fished before and could not get the hang of it. I think he caught 2 for both days. Came in 10th place that year out of 300+ entries. Capt. Dan.

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