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Rubber Spawn Walleyes and Sponge Bob Sucker pants.

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I've spent the last hour trying to retrieve the pictures we took today of both our suckers and the 2 dandy walleyes I caught on the Rifle River. Used my new Canon video camera again today and I seem to be doing something wrong. I finally figured out the pictures were simnply not in the camera for some reason or another. Damn shame. Anyways, we got to the rifle about 9:30 or so. Water was way up and really cooking. We watched for a while on the North side of the river and didn't see one fish landed. So we took the muddy two traker down river a ways and found a nice eddie on a corner. 3rd cast with orange imitation rubber spawn I felt a tick and set the hook. To my surprise a nice 4 pound walleye came boiling up. A few casts later another walleye of about 6 pounds came to net. Took that ones picture (I thought). A few minutes later my first sucker, then it went dead. Went on the other side of the river on the first bend below the DNR parking lot and caught 5 more suckers on Gulp soaked sponge squares I cut out and lost several others and what might have been a steelhead. I had the hot hand today, but I'm more used to drifting spawn then Mark is. :grin:

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Yup....it sure was a fun day. I was mildly surprised how much fun it really was. The suckers looked great, just got their last dose of brown sugar and stiring and are about 1 hour away from the smoker. And the walleye were a pleasant surprise and both were really fat, sassy and healthy looking. I know the rifle has miles and miles of viable spawning gravel upstream. But I wonder just how many of their eggs survive and do not get eaten by all those gravel cleaning suckers. :confused::mad: But what the hell, they were here first I guess. :grin:

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Hey, guess what I found in the bowls of my new camera after reading the manual again on how to retrieve such things. See, I was really there, and this was the smaller of the 2 walleyes. But I'm still missing 3 pictures of the suckers I caught. :mad:


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