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Bead Chain Swivels

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I was wondering same thing as Booemerang ;let me know thanks.and send me your mailing address

The 25s will fit through the #3, #4 Js. The 50s will fit through the #5 Js. These are shorter than the J plug standard beads, but will work. Boomerang did get some, and seemed pleased.

These S.S. swivels are also nice for line termination. I have them on my walleye rods and Salmon rods.:) Thanks for inquiring. My email address is [email protected] :) or you can PM me here.:)

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I do have some 50# S.S. Bead Chain Swivels left.

I'm down to 150 each of the 25# and 15#

Thanks to all that bought these. One Charter Captain that ties and sell rigs bought 750 of the 15# ones. 25 for $5 plus $2 mailing no mater how many you buy.

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