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Anyone do any predator calling?


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Anyone do any predator calling?

I used to call alot when I lived up in NY. Haven't done any here in Oh. YET ! !

I was visiting a site the other night, and came across a link to this site:


They have a special going on now, where you can get 2 FREE calls, 1 electronic and 1 hand held, just pay the shipping, $9.95


They also have this page:


Where they have an extensive list of calling sounds in MP3 format for FREE download.

**Mike, I hope this is OK, I am not trying to promote them, just passing along the FREE stuff. Bill **

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I've dabbled in it but have never put a lot of effort into it or been successful. The yotes around here are increasing their population and I'll probably hunt them harder this winter. Thanks for the links Bill.

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