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  1. Looks like I need to keep a journal like FBD. Very helpful year to year i bet. I've got a couple of trips left in me. Thanks for the info guys!
  2. Do you fish for immature kings and steelhead in October? If so how deep do you go ? Never fished that late on the year but I hear it can be good fishing Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  3. Fished 120-135 fow tonite . Two nice Lakers 10 ft of bottom with lake trout candy sd and blue chrome/ yellow laker taker. Tons of bait and fish but a tough bite. Had six lines dedicated to the silver fish but no takers. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I've been away from the big lake for 10 years and this was my first year back at. It has been a learning curve as the lake has changed dramatically. I cut my teeth years ago in Ludington and I get the quality of the rivers up north in relation to the fall runs that occur up there but family life keeps me grounded down here. This is my first full season in south haven and I'm hoping that it can be just good enough for silvers year round to keep me staying here, just got to figure out the general cycle of the silver fish down here .I'm been curious about the 200 fow plus water all season. A kicker on my 18 ft Lund would make me feel better out there lol. As for the mature KIng aspect, that is interesting and I'll be looking into that . Thanks again guys.
  5. Thanks for the update. Wish we could get a few more consistent reports from south haven .
  6. Big and dark with a hooked jaw usually works for me this time of year .😀
  7. Fished 120-170 fow straight out. Had a good rip on a 150 cu with a ms wonderbread that escaped in 135 fow. Also picked up a 10 king on a blue/white sd and blue bubble fly out 160 on 2 on a wire diver and a small laker on a blue/chome sd with a purple mirage fly down 80 on a rigger in 135 fow on the in troll. There was a very distinct thermocline at 60 ft and lots of bait in it. Probably the most I seen all year. Had lots of followers but otherwise a pretty slow morning. Probably should have trolled North/ south in 135 fow. King had two alwieves in its belly. Wondering if any one is getting any four year olds??
  8. Late report but we went 2-2 on a short evening trip. Set lines in 170 fow and worked out to 185. Turned in and hit a double at 170 fow. 23 lb king on a braided diver set on 2 out 130 with a mag ms Mongolian beef and a coho on a rigger down 70 ft with a dw chilly willy. Bath water as it was 63 degrees down 80 ft but we did mark some fish in the 60-80 ft zone. Sunset alone was worth the trip. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  9. Buddy went out today and said you could get to two of the docks. The others you had to walk through four inches of water to get to them.
  10. Well this is my first official post as a new member and I appreciate the info and feedback here . As a weekend fisherman due to the thing called work any info is appreciated so I am glad to be able to give it back when I can . Went 6/ 10 off the dunes in 100-110 fow. five kings and a small steelhead 30-50 down. Divers 80-110, riggers 30-40 , 150/200/250 copper Spoon bite only and if it didn’t have blue it didn’t get a lick. Lost a beast at the back as it charged into the rigger but that’s what keeps me coming back.
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