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  1. Very PG rated, but very pretty girls grabbing wine from a 3 story high wall of wine, on a rope swing. A very nice backdrop to a super meal. I also have never had better service in Chicago.
  2. You absolutely cannot beat Texas de Brazil in Chicago. Brazilian steak house, all you can eat, they come by your table and carve the various meats. the best meat in Chicago. Excellent salad bar, and wine wall with a girl on ropes getting the wine down. I never miss a chance to go there
  3. dont forget to fill my wifes car with gas

  4. up kind of late aren't you?

  5. NAPA stores can put the alternator on a bench tester and let you know if it is working up to specs
  6. Mike, looks like the upgrade is working fine for me, no issues, thanks for your efforts to keep this site one of the best.
  7. Thanks for the inputs. is appreciated.
  8. Am switching to copper wire this year. Anyone have input as to how much backing and what pound test to use?
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    Got one too - what is up with this guy?
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