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  1. One point that is mentioned in the video but underappreciated is the importance of practicing with the same rod, reel, lure weight, and leader length as one will be using for real.
  2. Lots of guys in the younger generation don't use chains. Shoot, in the age of spot lock and power poles, many don't even have anchors. To me, the anchor is an essential safety device on a boat. If the boat loses power, I'd like to decide if I stay in one spot or let the wind and current carry me along.
  3. Any other favorite lures for trolling?
  4. Anyone prefer an electric knife?
  5. I know in Louisiana, lots of poboys are fried. And one can always prepare the fish with your favorite fried fish recipe. But I prefer the fish grilled, so my wife makes them that way.
  6. Trolling Eight Rods at a TIme to Catch More Bass
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