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  1. Great report, JD. Do you remember what the surface and down temps were when you were out in that deeper water?
  2. Awesome boat, Tarrey! Here's some pics of how my SH is rigged. Finding space for all my rods has also been a challenge I was able to find some narrow tracks and had some trees custom made.
  3. Ha! Some colors make or break the Challenger and that lime green looks sweet, and I'm usually not a fan of that color at all. Overall, I'm very happy with my 2013 SuperHawk 1650. If I would have waited one more year to order it I could have gotten one with the SureTrac gunnel system. That would have saved me a lot of headaches with rigging for salmon. The narrow gunnels are a pain but it's the biggest boat I could fit in my garage (I live in a condo so parking outside is not an option) and still have my wife be able to open her car door. Bert's tracks won't fit on the gunnel so I had to get creative in mounting riggers, trees and dipsy holders. Since it is a fish/ski boat at heart I wanted to be able to remove all my rigging if and when we used it for watersports. The 115 efi fs does great for tubing, kneeboarding and skiing (one person) but I switch out my prop with an aggressive pitch stainless when I need a better punch out of the hole (like for wakeboarding). I get a little wet running in chop on Lake Michigan but it does the job on most days. What model is your Crestliner?
  4. @Sea Eagle LOVE the Challenger! Also, very nice Crestliner. I have the same graphics on my Super Hawk.
  5. Thank you for the report. Sorry to hear it wasn't better out there. We fished Saturday morning with similar results. Went 1-3 between 80 and 160 south of PS.
  6. Thanks for the report. I was hoping for better news but it sounds like it is still hit or miss out there.
  7. What time of day did you guys start/finish? I'm assuming early but was the bite on right away?
  8. @Vanj85 Was there ever a resolution to the problem? Did @Mega Byte help you out?
  9. Nice report. I'll bet your friend had a blast! My wife is from Laos and I will never forget the day I brought home my first silver fish. She was so happy! Now-a-days, not so much ;-)
  10. I used to go by the 1.3 rule for my boat. However, I learned to use the wave period as another factor. 1.2 can be pretty rough in a smaller boat with a short wave period (say under 3 seconds). Change that wave period to 5 or 6 seconds and now you have smooth sailing. Most likely the .7 you saw had a long wave period so the lake seemed flat but there were little rollers being picked up by the buoy. I watch that buoy closely and it seems pretty spot on all of the time. Also, keep in mind that what the wind/waves are doing at 80 FOW may be different than at the pier heads...
  11. Great report, Ed. I need to get a Fishhawk next year. I did good early morning running 1.9-2.1 SOG on a SW troll in 160 but as soon as the sun came up I struggled. I see based on your data that I should have been going a lot faster. I tried speeding up a couple times but was running a J-plug most of the morning so I didn't want to go too fast. Not knowing exactly where the temp breaks were, and not marking a lot of fish, I thought I had over-shot them. I ran in to 130 and was getting good marks but couldn't get much going. Scott
  12. Crazy stuff. I had a solo AM trip on 7-17 (out of Holland) and was 4/11 with 8 hits coming on the same meat rig. Finished with 3 kings and one steel :-)
  13. Dr. Hook I, too started out in 80 FOW that morning and couldn't get anything to go. Same story - marking a lot of fish but couldn't trip their trigger. Worked out deeper and saw nice marks between 110-135, but was going 3.0 SOG and they weren't having it. I heard your report on the radio that you picked up Chrome at 2.5-2.7 in 112 and I backed down the speed and started working N/S because of the onshore current. Immediately, I had 2 rips on a caramel dolphin slider on a rigger that was 80 foot down. I threw down anything else that I had close to that color on 150 coppers flanking my boat and was able to boat a 6# and 8# steelie within 30 minutes of each other. Needless to say your report that day helped me out a lot. Thanks! I would have thanked you on the water, but my antennae has a very weak broadcast range.
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