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  1. I need some advice, I want to set up a wire driver rod and am in need of what rod to use. Will chrome-plated SS guides be up to the task or go with the rollers?
  2. Very nice presentation I'm sure they taste as good as they look! I'm heading to Ludington at the end of the month hope to mimic your pics.
  3. They resemble a rod that I have, a Eagle Claw Downrigger " Select ". 8 1/2 ft. line size 12 to 20# Hope this helps.
  4. Welcome aboard Donnie! This is a great site for information And to get your envy on.
  5. Good going! Great to see Future Fishermen of Michigan out there!
  6. Well, how do you want to do the deal, as I'm a novice to these type of transactions?
  7. Very interested, was looking on-line at their website and then read that they're out of business. Where are you located?
  8. Good for you Mark, that your mad! It means your on the right path!
  9. I'm so damn jealous! Great video! I'll be watching this in February just waiting for next season.
  10. Good luck to you! Sanilac needed a bait shop. Hopefully the fishing will improve yearly to make Sanilac a destination again! Alot closer than Ludington.
  11. My question is this, Snap swivels on paddles are huge. What size snap swivles should I be using for connecting to leader or anything to main line, or to spoons?
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