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  1. My cousin who lives up north got a pup to go hunting with him. He is still training him but he should be of age come mid-spring. I never heard of using a GS for a hunting buddy. I always thought smaller hounds and such were best. Anyone with experience know if these dogs fair well with hunting?
  2. FishingFry23

    Anyone prefer night fishing?

    Salmons easier to catch early morning before the sun comes up then? I was doing a bit of reading many fishers recommended getting out on the water before the sun rises. I guess this depends on the fish you are after?
  3. FishingFry23

    Hey guys

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I was on another fishing forum that people just seemed to either ignore me on or got real cocky. Like, I know I am new to this you don't have to be a tool to me over it lol. Glad to be here though. Like it so much better already.
  4. FishingFry23

    Pier fishing

    From what I read, they tend to come closer to shore when the water is cooler but it can't be too cold otherwise they just go into hiding. I am a beginner so this is just something I have read, no experience with it.
  5. FishingFry23

    Large Salmon Catch in Great Lakes

    This is not my video but one I recently watched. These guys have several rods going off a small boat. They managed to get a very large salmon near the end. Anyone ever catch a large salmon in the lakes? What size was it?
  6. FishingFry23

    Massive Schools of Perch - Underwater VIDEO

    Wow, that is pretty amazing! Can I ask what camera you used to catch this footage? I have watched quite a lot of fish videos on YouTube and your quality is really good!
  7. FishingFry23

    I'm New Kind of..

    I'm new as well. I will be going out on Lake Erie over the summer. Not sure when would be a peak time for this but I am really looking forward to it myself.
  8. I watched this kid's video and found it interesting. Would these kinds of cheap lures actually work? Do you have a better method that is cheap that works very well?
  9. FishingFry23

    Anyone prefer night fishing?

    Someone I spoke with on another site brought up night fishing and said there are benefits to night fishing, especially if you are looking to catch catfish. I never heard of someone preferring it before this. Do you prefer night fishing or are you more of a the suns up, get on the boat type of guy?
  10. FishingFry23

    Walleye bait color selection

    Nice read. I actually learned a lot. I had no idea that color played such a role in fishing but I am glad to know this now before investing in anything. I will keep this all in mind.
  11. FishingFry23

    Lure Name

    Names? I didn't know guys actually named these, pretty cool! Well I would say something like Dave mentioned is suitable. Maybe "Mystic" or something like "Black Hollow"? I think anything to do with the dark arts would be fitting given the colors.
  12. FishingFry23

    Slow start

    That is a beautiful catch! Such a healthy looking guy too. How long did it take before you caught that guy? I heard some people can be out on a boat all day without a single good catch before finally getting a winner.
  13. FishingFry23

    2017 Bigwater Catches

    Nice catches! I had no idea you can get fish that big from lakes. I am such a noob here lol I will be going up to Lake Erie over the summer and I am really looking forward to getting some good fishing in!
  14. FishingFry23

    Simple cod recipe?

    Anyone know a very simple cod recipe I can do, preferably on the grill? When I was about 15, I had some grilled cod from a restaurant and loved it. Since then, I have not been able to find anything like it. From what I was told, it was a very simple way of cooking cod. I would like to see if I can find a recipe or method that gives the same results.
  15. FishingFry23

    Camp Breakfast

    That sounds great. I do something like this but I use leftover mashed potatoes. My mother's recipe actually. I don't know the exact measurements of everything, I tend to just eyeball it, but man is it GOOD!