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  1. Whent back out Friday afternoon after not having any success Friday morning. We ran South to Saugatuck before setting up way deep and trolling for 3 hours without a bump. We picked up and ran in to the beach and trolled the last hour in 20' to 25' of water and picked up 7 fish, 5 coho's and two Brown trout. The Coho came on both dodger/fly combos and body baits, Mostly on the riggers about 10' down! 4/21 This morning we planned to get out early but had some boat issues that held us back. We finally were setting up at 10:00 a.m. in the place where we finish last night. We went 9 for 11, all coho's. This morning the earlier fish were on body baits but then the flasher/fly bite picked up. We never fished in water deeper than 30'. Most of our fish came in 20' to 25' of water. Over all was a great Spring coho trip time to pack up and head back to Minnesota! Good luck!
  2. Came back to Michigan for the annual coho trip. Arrived just in time for the good weather it looks like! Unfortunately no Fish this am. We started at around 7:30 a.m. and fished till noon. We tried trolling near the beach in 20' to 50' of water with No takers. Water temp was anywhere from 36.5 to 38゚ at the surface. We picked up after 2 hours of nothing and ran out to 250' of water and trolled back towards Holland. A little warmer out there at 38.6゚ at the surface but still no hits. Water was clear out deep. Gonna try running South this evening and look for warmer water. Saw a couple of other boats out trying near the beach as well but didn't look like anyone got the nets out.
  3. We fished 130 to 140 FOW. ran north then fished mostly on a south troll
  4. Holland 7/8 pm Got out for another shorter trip again last night. We fished from 730 until 9:30 p.m. We ended 4 for 4 with one coho to big kings and a shaker king. The biggest king was 20.4 pounds! It was great to break twenty this early in the season! Here's What worked: Braid dipsy out 120 on a #3 setting with a white pro troll flasher and a pickled sunshine fly took a 12lb king. Wire dipsy out 140 pin a 1.5 setting with a meat rig took the 20lb king. 8c lead with a happy meal took the coho. We found a shaker king on the SWR down 42' when pulling lines. After Friday's wind change the thermocline had moved away up in the water column. It was around the 40' mark instead of the 75' mark.
  5. Holland 7/6 7-930 pm Went 4 for 6 last night with two steelhead, one Laker, and one nice king. We ran north then fished mostly on a south troll. All fish were caught in 130 to 145 fow with 135 to 145 being best. Downrigger set at 75' with the SWR and a UV hey baby spoon took the Laker. Meat rig on a dipsy out 170' took the bigger steelhead. The other dipsy with a white pro troll flasher and pickled sunshine fly took a 14lb king. Last steelhead came on a mixed veggies free slider on the port rigger down 72'. Great evening on the water
  6. Holland 7/5 6-930am Went 6 for 8 today with two kings, three Lakers, and one steelhead. We fished mostly on a north troll and finished just south of PS. All fish were caught in 120 to 145 fow with 135 to 145 being best. Downrigger set at 75' with the SWR and a UV hey baby spoon was 3 for 4 and took 2 Lakers and the steelhead. Meat rig on a dipsy out 170' took the bigger king. The other dipsy with a white pro troll flasher and pickled sunshine fly was 1 for 2 taking a nice Laker. 10c lead with a yellow fishscale dodger and pickled sunshine fly took the last king. Was a great morning on the water.
  7. Holland 7/1 6:30-9:30am Went out for a quick 3 hour trip this morning. Went 3 for 3 with 2 Lake trout and one 15 pound king. Best depth was between 115 and 125. All the fish came in the 1st 45 minutes then it got quiet. Marked some fish later in the morning but couldn't get anything to go. The king came on a meat rig on the wire dipsy out 170 on a number one setting. The lakers were on a flasher/fly off of a rigger down 75'. Here's a picture of the crew with the catch. Was a great way to start the day.
  8. Thanks! It always helps to hold the fish out a bit
  9. Holland 6/30 6-9am Just had a couple of hours this morning for a quick trip. Didn't find cold water till we got to 110 FOW. Was 50 degrees 90 ft down, 67 degrees on the surface. 2/2 one big Laker on a 3 color SWR down 85 with a std size hey babe. 12lb king on wire diver meat rig out 170 on a #1 setting. No other hits. Was a little choppy but not bad with the SW wind.
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