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  1. I fished PS solo today; no fish, but after getting no hits from 6:30-9:30am working 75-110; I took a run out to 200'. I was marking a lot of fish out there right at 200'; all about 100' down, but no takers. Based on the size of the marks, maybe coho. Trolled a few loops at 200, then trolled back to ~160. The further from 200, the fewer marks; pretty much nothing once I hit 180. Was also marking some fish in the ~20' range. Wish I would have started/stayed in that 200' area.
  2. 7/10 AM - Fished 7:30-12:30pm. 3-4, all Lakers, all in 65-75 FOW. 2 on purple/blue DW spoon 55 down, 1 on slider mixed veggies 45 down, 1 on slider watermelon 50 down. Fished 55-95, but only took hits in the 70 range. A number of boats in the 80-100; not sure if they did anything.
  3. Nice job, nice king. I fared poorly this weekend in the morning hours.
  4. PS 6/17 - 6pm-8:30pm. 80 FOW single 3# Coho, 40' down on slider, blue/purple Dreamweaver std. size. Marked very few fish, couple in 30's, couple at the bottom.
  5. Port Sheldon 6/4 - 6am-10:30am. Solo as usual. Started in 110 straight out, Worked mainly North troll, zigzag between 130<>170. Single hit in 160 @ 9am 55 down on rigger with mag caramel dolphin; 15# king. Marked few fish entire time.
  6. Thanks for the post. I fished PS from 7am-11:30; went 2-4. 1 Steelhead on 6 color with blue dolphin in 190'. 3 hits in 175: 1 hit on on same rig in 175 - lost the fish my core and lure - a bad knot I guess where the backing met the core. 1 Coho on slider ~45 down on DW Watermelon. A last hit/miss on a braid diver 125 back on Carmel dolphin. I heard later there were a lot of fish marked in ~80 foot of water...I'm not sure if anyone did anything in that closer territory.
  7. Spent last two mornings out of Port Sheldon, but nothing to show for it. 5/20 started South of PS in 190 worked in and out to 210 to North of PS; a few shakers on mixed veggies spoons on riggers & sliders. 5/21 started North about halfway GH and continued North and then back 200-220; 2 shakers 65 down on green/black spoons. Tomorrow? hmm...maybe I should try for Lakers or sleep in
  8. Thanks for the report; will be out of Port Sheldon in the morning too. You're not alone on the weak hookups on the sliders.
  9. I'll bite. What is the story behind the colored jars? Special bait solutions?
  10. It does not look like (based on stomach contents I've seen) that they are Diporeia. They look much larger, Mysis Diluviana. I admit though, it is a mushy mess in there. Diporeia "in the same biological class as krill and shrimp, these rice grain-sized crustaceans dwell on lake bottoms and feed on descending algal plankton" Mysis Diluviana "10mm to 20mm"
  11. Started 8am, 190' straight out. No hits until 10am. Then, my catch ratio was an embarrassing 2 for 6 on Coho between 10am-11:30am. All hits were in 195 to 200. 2 hits an braid dipsey 225 back, mixed veggie spoon; 2 hits 40' down on rigger on blue dolphin, 2 hits 55 on rigger also mixed veggies. No hits on white/blue paddle & blue fly, or trash can dodger & fly. I pulled lines ~12:30. The waves started to pick up that far out after 12, though it was still nice closer to shore as I came in.
  12. 1st trip out 2016; solo. 0-1 - lost a brown at the back of the boat during last minute acrobatics ~2 miles North; was running in 10-15'; 2.25mph, glass/purple/sunfire Rapala.
  13. Nice job. Are any docks in at the Holland DNR launch?
  14. 2 hits in 75FOW both at first light 1 - 6#Steelhead, 52 down on rigger, glow AceHi 5 1 - break off a braid dipsy chrome/orange Jplug 150back on 3 Worked between 70-100, no other hits; switched at 10am to try for perch near bubbler...just one gobie for 1.5 hours.
  15. Fished Holland 30-50' this morning 9/26. Two sheeps, both on bloody nose J plug; braid dipsy 75 back on 3. No other hits, not much marked.
  16. Here's what I do: 1) (just added this after a break off yesterday, as yet unproven to be better) - Slide a bead above your swivel so the slider has something to hit against instead of just swivel to swivel. I think not having the bead might have caused my break off. 2) Set the main downrigger bait just like normal. I might run a paddle & fly, spoon, plug, whatever just like normal 3) Lower the rigger ~20' down, or whatever separation you are aiming for 4) I tie a rubber band onto the Mainline. Loop the band through itself and pull snug, then break or cut off the excess rubber band loop so it is just a knot of rubber band on the mainline. The idea here is that the free slider is not going to slide past that 'bump' in the line formed by the rubber band...meaning, the slider is going to be at that depth separation, eg, 20' above the mainline. If you do not do this, the slider is going to end up in the 'belly' of the line ~ 1/2 way between the downrigger ball and the rod. I like more control and take the extra step. 5) I use a 7' leader with a swivel on each end for the slider. bait on one end, other end clips on your line - below - the rubber band knot. The length should be at or less than your rod lenght, or, like with dipsy's you could have trouble reaching the fish when netting. Just toss the bait in the water behind the main line. 6) Lower your rigger to the desired depth. So here if the rigger was set to 70, the free slider would be at about 50. I can usually tell when a fish hit the slider vs the rigger because the rod bounces vs 'pop's of the rigger. Sometimes it still releases, but sometimes you have to pop the release, then, reel in the slack and set the hook. I'm definitely getting more hits in total using the free sliders, but landing them...well...hmm...yesterday was not so good. I usually run spoons on the slider and have never had a real 'mess' after landing a fish, even when using a paddle on the main line. With the paddles...yep, a number of twists to untwist, but with a spoon or plug, no trouble. My breakoff yesterday was with a spoon above a plug.
  17. Could not seem to connect today; 0 for 4. I've been trying sliders on downriggers for the first time this year and while I'm getting hits on them, my landing percentage is getting worse instead of better. My hooks are all freshly sharpened and I'm setting the hook after reeling in the slack, but not staying buttoned. All in 100-120, on north troll ~2.6 SOG 2 hits on moonshine glow striker sized spoon stacked at ~55 down 1 hit on white ace hi plug at 65 down 1 hit on blue dolphin, actually when reeling in to change lures Had no hits on south trolls into the waves
  18. That's a trick I have not seen, thankfully. . I bring my home and bury the carcasses. A lot of work, but I don't want them baking in the garbage bin. Meant to say also, nice work on the plug...
  19. Nice job. I also solo fish and was out of PS on Sunday - was 1 for 2; 2nd one never really hooked up but I saw him jumping. I use the Terrova GPS autopilot and makes all the difference for me; I tried without it and had a few terrible tangles when fighting fish, into the waves, and the boat direction changed too quick. Where is the cleaning station you were at? Is that at Holland? Finding a place to clean fish when out of PS or Grand Haven is still a mystery to me.
  20. Fished the sand docks this morning; fish were not there.
  21. No longer needed; found a Garmin 19X NEMA 2000 puck for sale, and it worked fine on the 27C. Thanks.
  22. I found out the 16CI can only read up to 512K (1/2 mb chips), though the 27C can read up to the 2gb chips...but I really only need to use one unit for GPS. Still looking for a LakeMaster Michigan or Great Lakes (includes MI) for Lowrance. Thanks.
  23. Wanted - a working Lowrance LGC-3000 or LGC-4000 GPS Puck. I have a Lowrance 27c that is not picking up Satellites on the existing LGC-3000 puck. The puck tests "OK" per the head unit (NEMA 2000 scan test), but does not find any satellites. Maybe you've had a failed head unit and have an extra puck? Let me know what you would ask for it. I am in Grand Haven. Thanks - Terry
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