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  1. Thanks Mega Byte. This is very interesting. It looks like the DNR would be willing to consider modifying rod limit rules in some way for trolling the Great Lakes (but not for Inland Waters) if they are allowed to by law. I searched for and am pasting the full text of current statute below; but it seems like to take this forward the next step would be to ask one of our state legislators to introduce a bill to make a small modification to the overall statute. I see it has been modified many times in the past for other reasons, so it could be again. Here is an example of how it could be amended in a fairly simple way that would give the DNR the ability to set rod limit regulations as they see appropriate, including being able to set rod limits differently for Great Lakes trolling vs Inland fishing. Example amendment text: "The department shall have the authority to issue an order that regulates the number of rods and lines used per angler, as well as the number of hooks that may be attached to each line. However, the department shall not reduce the number of rods per angler to less than 2." As a side note…I was surprised to see that it looks like Sabiki Rigs comply with current law guidelines if they are used in the Great Lakes for taking bait fish (like alewife): “In the Great Lakes or recognized smelt waters, any numbers of hooks, attached to a single line, may be used for the taking of smelt, alewife, or other bait fish.” Here is the existing statute: 324.48703 Prohibited devices; limits on multiple rods, lines, and hooks; tip-up devices; regulations authorized for spears, bows, nets Sec. 48703. (1) A person shall not take, catch, or kill or attempt to take, catch, or kill a fish in the waters of this state with a grab hook, snag hook, or gaff hook, by the use of a set or night line or a net or firearm or an explosive substance or combination of substances that have a tendency to kill or stupefy fish, or by any other means or device other than a single line or a single rod and line while held in the hand or under immediate control, and with a hook or hooks attached, baited with a natural or artificial bait while being used for still fishing, ice fishing, casting, or trolling for fish, which is a means of the fish taking the bait or hook in the mouth. A person shall not use more than 3 single lines or 3 single rods and lines, or a single line and a single rod and line, and shall not attach more than 6 hooks on all lines. The department shall have the authority to decrease the number of rods per angler. However, the department shall not reduce the number of rods per angler to less than 2. For the purposes of this part, a hook is a single, double, or treble pointed hook. A hook, single, double, or treble pointed, attached to a manufactured artificial bait shall be counted as 1 hook. The department may designate waters where a treble hook and an artificial bait or lure having more than 1 single pointed hook shall not be used during the periods the department designates. In the Great Lakes or recognized smelt waters, any numbers of hooks, attached to a single line, may be used for the taking of smelt, alewife, or other bait fish. (2) A person shall not set or use a tip-up or other similar device for the purpose of taking fish through the ice unless the name and address of the person owning the tip-up or other similar device is marked in legible English on the tip-up or other similar device or securely fastened to it by a plate or tag. (3) The department may issue an order to regulate the taking of fish with a spear, bow and arrow, or crossbow in the waters of this state. (4) The department may issue an order to regulate the taking of fish with nets in the waters of this state. Credits P.A.1994, No. 451, § 48703, added by P.A.1995, No. 57, § 1, Imd. Eff. May 24, 1995. Amended by P.A.2008, No. 291, Imd. Eff. Oct. 6, 2008; P.A.2012, No. 245, Imd. Eff. July 2, 2012; P.A.2012, No. 471, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 2012.
  2. Totally Optional. Just an option for people who troll the great lakes and felt it was a worth the added cost to buy this special add-on stamp.
  3. I wanted to get angler reactions about an idea for a proposal for a new Michigan Fishing License option specifically for Great Lakes Trolling. The license would be in Addition to your normal license, but would allow for the use Up To 3 additional rods when trolling - Only in the Michigan Great Lakes waters. With this license, a “Solo” angler would be allowed run up to an additional 3 rods, for a total of 6 rods. Or, two anglers, if they both had purchased this additional license, could use up to a total of 12 rods. To keep it reasonable, a maximum of two of these licenses could be used per boat at one time. The license would NOT allow for any change or increase in Keep/Possession Limits. No additional keep amounts would be allowed by the license. The proposed added cost of the license would be to be the same as the fee as the regular annual fee. For example: $26 for base Resident license; plus another $26 for the “trolling stamp”. For Non-Resident, it would be $76 base, $76 Trolling stamp. With modern autopilot, a solo angler can easily manage 6 lines, and with deep water, the ability to have 2 presentations at each of bottom, mid, and high would greatly benefit our many solo anglers who are at a large disadvantage today compared to boats that are able to arrange multiple licensed anglers to be on board. Considering the changing makeup of fish population types in the great lakes, this could allow an ability for smaller boats to target multiple species such as Lake Trout at bottom water, and Steelhead or Coho in top water. Having this license available might also help keep angler interest given declining populations of some species like Chinook salmon. From a revenue standpoint, the State would be able to collect considerable additional funding from license fees from the same base of anglers, and, would enjoy the added tax revenue driven by purchases of additional rods/reels/tackle. I wanted to see if many people would be interested in purchasing an added licenses like this if became available. It there was a lot of interest, we might convince the DNR to consider offering it.
  4. Was wondering if anyone used the PS launch this week and can update on the weeds? I heard from a friend who said it looked like (when driving by from road) that the weeds may have been cleaned up... Could that be?
  5. Started in 75, worked out and south to 140. Marked fish pretty much only in the 130-135'' range. In that range was marking fish both 30-50' down and towards the bottom. Had one good hit on a braid dipsy with a green spinner, green fly back 100 on 2.5 setting, but was off before handling the rod. That was it. Marked some bait outside the pier but did not mark fish. Temps in the low 60's near shore.
  6. Nothing tonight. Fished 90-130. Some marks on the bottom (did not fish bottom), few in the 30-50 range. Weeds have officially reached the awful stage at the launch. Dock spacing is still also messed up. 1 set is quite wide apart, 2nd set is too close together now for any but 2 smaller boats to use at same time.
  7. Excellent. Looks like I am using Cut Bait rigs instead of whole bait. I didn't even know there were whole bait rigs - time to buy a few more rigs. Looked up the link - very good info, nice work on the video. I pasted the link below. Thanks https://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/fishing-hunting-outdoors/topic/40203-brining-bait-ales/?tab=comments#comment-160837
  8. I've been doing this but have been cutting off the heads and freezing. Because, the heads don't fit in my big weanie meat rigs... - I'm curious what formula you use for brine? - And, are you flattening the heads or cutting to fit in the rigs? maybe there are bigger head rigs out there...?
  9. Fished solo 7:30-10:30am, 90-120' a bit south of pier 5.5# king in 115 on DR 35' down mag moonshine Purple/Yellow 5.5# twin king also in 115 on std Dipsy 110 back 2.5 setting green spinner and fly 19.5# king in 110 on DR 40' down mag flounder pounder. All were on North troll, SOG ~3mph. Was really nice out there at the starte, but had some pretty good fog at times. When I started pulled lines at 10:30 it had hit as rough as I like to fish when I'm solo in the 19' open bow. If you were out in a Starcraft Islander and I called to you on the radio asking if you saw me, I was not upset at all about having to change my course. I was really curious if my new LED lights on the mast could be seen very clearly from where you were at. The new LEDs seem brighter than std bulb when I am next to them, but I'm wondering how 'directional' they are vs std bulb. I do like the low power draw... Lastly...only 3 other trailers in the parking lot today...understandable given the forecast for Rain then wind + Sunday.
  10. Started late, 8am thinking the waves would settle. Was not too bad but with two wave systems, 3' rollers out of NW, and 1-2 chop out of east made for pretty bumpy until about 10am when the east wind died and it settled. Fished solo 75- 130. Had a rip on a 6 color with mag blue dolphin in 85' 6# King 35 down on rigger, mag flounder pounder. in 115' 6# Steelhead 110 back on std dipsy with green spinner & fly in 115' Shaker king 55 down on rigger (released), mag blue dolphin. in 120' Only about 12 trailers in the parking lot this am. Oh, and the summer weeds at PS launch have started.
  11. Good job. I went out PS tonight from 6-9pm, solo. Fished 160-200. People on the radio were doing very well. I was not - a single hit, and nobody home. Was fishing 2.6-2.8 SOG; maybe too slow. Bumped it up to 3.0 SOG for the last 45 mins, had the only hit on DR slider ~35' down mixed veggies. Sounded like good water was found anywhere from 150 to 240. : (
  12. Fished both south and north of Saug solo trip. Single hit 40 FOW, 30down on downigger with mixed veggies spoon, north troll north of piers. 12.25# King. Fished 4 hours, 25 to 45 depths with 2 colors and Downriggers. No other hits.
  13. PS 7/29 AM Solo trip 7:30am-11am 13# King 55 down in 130; gray ladder back Ace Hi plug 4.5# Laker - on slider with mag blue dolphin ~65 down in 140 3# Laker - on Dipsy 150 back @ 2 also in 140 mag carmel dolphin Trolled south with the waves until it started settling out @10am Also 4 other hits in the range 30-40 down (120-130') none were hooked for more than a few moments...my guess is coho or maybe small kings...the one on the longest wasn't able to trip the rigger release, it was really active like a coho after manual release before shaking off.
  14. Was also out yesterday am at PS, solo trip, caught 2 kings between 8am-9am just north in 130'; 1 15# 55 down on mag moonshine; 1 14# 80' down on green & white meat rig. Both had a decent amount of alewives in them. Fished 7-10:30am
  15. I drove by it on the way back from Holland today; it looked like the mess it has been for weeks. There were zero (0) boat trailers in the lot at 12pm noon; I don't remember seeing that happen on a summer (albeit late summer) Saturday before.
  16. Solo trip 1 for 1, 5# Coho. ~40' down on a downrigger slider; moonshine mag spoon. 80 FOW. Marked a few fish from 6:30am-8:00am in 70-85'; Coho came ~8:00...didn't mark any more after that and cleared lines at 9am with the building waves. PS ramp and the parking lot is a real mess with the weeds.
  17. 1 for 1; 17# king on white speckled meat rig ~9am 40 down on DR in 75 FOW; Missing adipose; saved head to turn in. Had a lot of bait ?shiners? in its stomach. There was a crazy amount of bait in 65-75 FOW before sunrise. Fish were in there; but were not compelled by my baits.. The bait cleared out with the sun. The thick weed mats have made their way into the docks; now even the center ramps are filled.
  18. Exciting. I had a king cross over a DR and dipsy line Sunday when fishing solo. Managed to get out of it, but at the time, was thinking I'd be in a mess if one of those other rods had popped. Nicely patterned Laker.
  19. Solo trip 8/7 AM. Finally caught some kings. 8# king on Mag green moonshine spoon at day break 30' down in 70' 18# king on Silver Horde pearl/gray ladder back; 35' in 80' 10# king on same Silver Horde 40' in 90' All north of the stacks; SOG ~2.0-2.2
  20. Interesting; it's not showing on the surface temp charts today or further out with the PS buoy thermisters. I checked surface temp in and out at PS yesterday and it was not cooler in close. I don't have a temp probe, so didn't check deeper, but I didn't guess it would flip partially in close. I guess I need to do some scouting next time before heading out deeper just in case. Thanks for the comment back.
  21. Nice bonus walleye. I'm surprised at the depth of water...it doesn't look like the lake flipped. Did you do some scouting in shallow to decide to try staying in that close?
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