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  1. Big Jon electric planer board reels on Traxstech mounts. Good working condition. What you see is what you get - I do not have the controls or planer boards. Asking $300 obo Located in Hudsonville, MI
  2. (2) Big Jon dual pedestal multi set (adjustable) rod holders, originally retailed for $200/ ea (2) Big Jon swivel bases, originally retailed for $125/ ea Excellent condition. All have had very minimal use. To buy these new would run approx. $650. Asking $400 for all. Located in Hudsonville, MI or can meet in Holland. I also accept paypal and would be willing to ship at your expense.
  3. Interested in the convector 55l's as well as the penn 320's. Email sent.
  4. Fished pierheads to 50 fow. Had two heavy hits @ 50, 7 color and 33 down on rigger. Both turned out to be 10+ lb sheepshead. Had another hit on 7 color with black and white meat rig that ran to about 600 feet and shook it. Pulled lines and had a 7" king on a rigger. So 3/4, but not the kind of 3/4 that we would have liked.
  5. Sounds pretty similar to our evening- as soon as the sun hit the water, high divers were screaming
  6. Worked the waves for a few hours Saturday night. Ended 4 for 8. Had trouble keeping them hooked. Had a couple jumpers that spit hooks right up by the boat and one break off. Hits came in 100-120 FOW, all on south troll. All kings, three over 10 lbs and one smaller. - Riggers 70 down with anything red/ orange- ruby red, bloody nose - High diver set on 3 175 back w/ mtn dew spinnie and green fly - High diver set on 3 175 back w/ white and blue spinnie and blue fly - 10 color with mag dbl orange crush
  7. 7/29: 2 for 4. Fished 50-90. Don't recall all of the details. - dr. death mag on rigger 40ish down - spinnies and flies - 200 copper, black and white meat rig with white spinnie 7/30: 4 for 4. Fished 80-130 with most hits taken in 105 territory. All kings, 24 lbs, 12 lbs, 10 lbs, and 4 lbs. - rigger @ 52, orange flounder - high diver set on 3, 175 back, mtn dew spinnie w/ green fly 7/31: 6 for 7. Fished 60-130 FOW with 105-120 being most productive. All kings, 21 lbs, 6 lbs, and the rest < 3 lbs. - 200 copper, white & blue spinnie with blue fly - 10 color with LD blue dolphin - rigger @ 50, orange flounder - low diver set on 1, 75 back green & white spoon - rigger @ 65, mag blue dolphin
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