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  1. The problem with kings is that they feed mostly on alewives which are at a low right now so trying to have more kings is not a good idea. Just an idea would be to increase other fish with a broader food base like steelhead and lakers. We all love catch big kings but maybe we need something else until the bait fish rebound. Looking forward to better fishing but I do not see it in the near future. All we can do is hope the DNR knows what they are doing.
  2. Hi Aaron I checked reviews on them and most said customer service sucked and the edge was bad.
  3. Thanks for the interesting article Dr Hook. What I got out of it is that we must run a variety of lures. We found this year that what worked today did not work the next day. Not only different lures but one day downriggers the next day boards or divers seemed to work the best. First fish of the year back in May was a 18.5 lb King thinking this is going to be some kind of year. We ended up with around 100 Kings and never broke the 20 lb mark. Looking forward to next year already!
  4. Right now it is so foggy you can't see the end of your fishing rod.
  5. We run 14 lines off our boat using two Big Jon Brute Electric riggers and the rest rod holders all on gimbal mounts. We do not use the boat for just fishing so everything can be removed in a few minutes. If I fished only I would not do it this way. When we take the family for a cruise it is nice not having the fishing stuff on the boat. So it really depends on what the boat will be used for.
  6. I also did not want the extra work of meat rigs but now we always run at least one Big Weenie rig off a diver or rigger and sometimes both. Prefer to leave the spoons on copper. Being stubborn just did not work(kids made me use them) Some days they are the best thing going.
  7. When we're not fishing we play with our '69 RS Z28
  8. Check out next weeks temperature and you will see spring is not here yet. Do not understand the robbins we have had them around all winter.
  9. Do any of you know if Aaron is doing a Salmon Spectacular in 2014.
  10. Thanks for the great report Mike & Chris. Hope to use the information Saturday morning
  11. Tell Chris to sit in his seat and do as he is told.
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