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  1. I went out the sat of memorial for a shakedown the flies were awful. dragged lures for an hour and a half then called it. 2 fish on skunk in the boat along with a million midges.
  2. 5 for 6 am fish,3 kings biggest 17lbs,2 lakers. big king hit half core with standard yellowtail ss. king dipsey on 1 160 back blue spdr blue fly. king dipsey on 1 140 back blue protroll blue fly. laker on a mj mag swr rig ball at 50. laker on a mag blue line rigger ball 45. lost a pig on the protroll setup due to broken fly leader:mad:
  3. sorry for the late report. fished 100ft to 215 ft of water went 2 for 8 wth a few 30 second fish on fish offs I refuse to count. 1 10 lb and 1 15lb king both on mag superscrew 1/2 core with 4 ounce snap and 50 ft. lost fish on wallmart , blue dolphin,panty ho, and blue protroll 8 with uv ghost fly on adipsey. riggers took hits at 130,100 and 90 down. sliders also took hits ( fish flesh confirmation). the only thing that did not fire was a dipsey with a green dolphin. The cotton on the water was horrid. Other than that an o.k. first salmon outing. Tight lines Todd
  4. I pretty much use only silver streak. I have had great luck with them. all the old standbys catch fish. this years blue line has stood out for me along with cherry surprise, panty ho and flamin chicken. I have been runnin mags low and standards high. Good luck Todd
  5. sat morn fish was hook up unfreindly going 5 for like 12. threw the #5 fish back in too small. ended up with 2 kings and 2 steelhead all on spoons except for one steel on a dipsey spinnie fly. halfcores and riggers and sliders were fireing just could not keep them buttoned up. Sunday was better going 12 for sixteen tossing 2 back to grow up. 2 kings 6 steel and 2 lakers for the limit of 2 guys. That was my first limit at cheboygan so pretty happy. the riggers were hot with sliders a close second. hadd a few on the cores and a couple on snap weights. dipsey was dead. all silver streak spoons.
  6. slickwater, Every weekend, good for you, I wish I could hit it that hard. I have had great days and not so great days as I am still on the learning curve of the area. How do you do in the straights?
  7. PD, the only fish cleaning station I know of is at the cheboygan launch. They also have a freezer there for head collection. I don't know where you are looking to fish mostly as far as area and boat traffic but cheboygan you don't have to deal with ferry traffic. I do fish out of mac sometimes. to me the distances are flip a coin.
  8. 1 for 3 sat morning fishing north of cheboygan. steelie on a halfcore with a ss reg blue dolphin. lost a good one after 10 minutes off a rigger 40 down blue dolphin and had one quick on quick off same rigger and that was it. a little frustrating but there is allways next time. fished for about 4 hrs.
  9. Nice job!:thumb:Cheap way to get to the top of the favorite teacher list:lol: Just kidding. Give me a buzz when you get time I am thinking on going next week.
  10. nicely done thanks for the report. very informative
  11. Is any one out yet or just some tight lipped be quiet fishing going on? I am thinking on hitting rogers in 2 weeks. If you get out please post and good luck.
  12. man ,I need to get back out there. very nice!
  13. I fish Huron as well and it is a bit more fishing than it is catching . I would hate to see michigan suffer the same fate. I hate to say it but thats why I think the biologists should be the guys making the decisions. public sentiment has a much better chance of screwing it up.
  14. Frank I am a little confused or am missing something I would like to post pictures from my computer but in the box at the bottom it says I may not attatch, what am I screwing up? Thanks for any help.


  15. set rods at 8 am in 145ft of water and trolled west. first fish was in 185 ft 100 down on rigger and spoon. we took 3 nice kings on that rigger and spoon . king #4 came on a yellow flo dipsey with a double glow yellowtail spoon on 2 170 back. we also landed a 15lb laker off the rigger program 110 down on a spoon. we finnished out our limit with coho in a four hour fish. they hit mostly the riggers. we only had 3 fish on leadcore today which was the hot setup for us a week ago. We ran all silver streaks spoons today with piston cup doing the best and blue whale coming in second.all fish were taken in 180 to 224 ft of water except for the king on the dipsey was on the trool back to shore in 85 ft of water. gps speed was 2.5 to 3.0 with the waves and chop. tight lines todd
  16. I have a 18 targa tracker and have been quite deep as well. all info here has been great. I also beleive 2 types of navigation are manditory- compass and gps with chip. I have had fog roll in in the straights and I was glad I had both.
  17. nice report, I almost went there last weekend but decided to go further south . Grand haven is alot closer. good job
  18. Fished first trip of the year on the big water. went south in the skinny water first thing both mornings. laker about 7lbs on a orange thunderstick 2 cohos on half core and ss carmel dolphin. also hit 3 throwback kings on sat morning. then moved out to 180 and got a 13.5 lb king on a ss hot lobster mag on a rigger 100 down. we then finnished our 2 man limit with cohos out there with the half cores being our best producer. we also took fish running snap weights at 6,8,12 ounce running streaks. sunday we picked up a nice brown 2 cohos and another laker with the same core and snap weight program in close running spoons. moved back out to 180 ft again and picked up a 9.5 lb king and finnished the 2 man limit with more cohos. pretty fun trip for the first time out, I would rather be lucky than good any day!
  19. very nice, hopefully headed that way this weekend for the first time.
  20. Hey all, I am on other forumns and like the way this one seems to function( determined from a little lurking). So I joined. I will try to be helpful with reports when I can even though I am foolish enough to spend a fair amount of time on northern lake huron instead of one of the better ports. anyways tight lines. Todd
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