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  1. What a gorgeous day !!!!!!!!! Left the dock at 5am and went straight west and started in 90 FOW...best spoons were moonshine bloody nose and flounder pounder on the lead core and copper....dypsies were out 120 and 150 with white hot spot and howies aqua blue pearl and white hot spot with little boy blue.....chrome hot spot with prismatic howie fly down 85 was good on the rigger along with a orange moonshine down 70....pulled rods at 9:15 and was 9 for 14....cohos, lakers, and a rainbow......Where are the kings?
  2. Was set up at 5:45 am in about 70 FOW. Had action right away and the bite was steady until 8:30 am and best level was in the 80's. Moonshine spoons and hot spot dodgers with howie flys worked best. Took all 4 species and needed a coho for the slam. Never made it past 105 FOW.
  3. Dropped lines at about 5:45 am in about 75 FOW with a 290 degree heading. The first 6 or 7 bites were all lake trout, kept a few and thru back the little ones and they mostly came on smoke dodger with a green spin-n-glow. When the sun came up and the bite slowed i pointed it west and trolled too 230 FOW, picking away with bites on the way out and then turned and trolled back too 95 FOW, nothing was lock-n-load but had a nice box at the end of day with a few stealhead, a chunky coho and half a dozen lakers, the weather was awesome and no bugs made for a gorgeous day to be out.
  4. Just wanted some info on the perch fishing out of st joseph michigan, are they biting lately ? anyone getting limits?
  5. Supertramp, which marina are you docked at? im at pier 33
  6. looks like you had a wonderful time and thats what its all about
  7. Starting fishing around 7:30 am in 75 FOW and had action right away. Trolled to about 110 but had more bites on the 90's so i stayed there till about 10:15 am...had a total of about 10-12 bites and almost all rods had bites, best was spin-n-glo with smoked dodger close to bottom and hot spot dodgers with howie flys 90 to 120 out on dypsies.....
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