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  1. Thinking about installing a Raymarine EV-200 autopilot on my 27' Amberjack with twin Mercruiser V-6's. Will also be converting to hydraulic steering. Does anyone have experience with these units and how well they work for trolling and any other issues?
  2. I'm looking into the Sitex SP-110 autopilot with Remote Mechanical Drive for use on my 270AJ with twin 4.3L Mercruiser outdrives. I'm generally getting favorable reports but most users are not using them for trolling as we do. Set up with the Remote Mechanical Drive, they are used on mechanically steered boats. Since only one engine has the power assisted pump for steering, I asked Sitex if the SP-110 would have enough power to steer the combination of both outdrives when operating on the non assisted engine alone. Their reply was there is sufficient power for that application. I'm looking for any information from those on GLF who have any experience with this product used in salmon trolling. Thanks, Dick
  3. The conventional wisdom seems to be 22' of depth for 100' copper out. I assume you are aware that copper is famous for major changes in depth with changes in speed & in turns, which is probably part of why it is productive.
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