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  1. So the steering on my Starcraft from 1994 has been stiff for some time now and this year it is getting to an almost unusable state so I decided its time to change it out. Im debating on moving to a non-feedback system but I wanted the opinion of others before I spend the extra money. Its not that it was a problem before and its only a 90 hp motor, but the advantage of the motor not turning unless you want it to is a plus. the replacement is $180 and the non feed back system is $260 Thanks!
  2. thanks for the response! I did get a few walleye boards(20 bucks at a local fleet farm!) and did some tests on a deep local lake and they did great with a 300 on a totally flat lake. I may get something bigger for the bigger waves days.
  3. i dont.... it had to be cut off.... getting a cover wont be an issue though.
  4. So I ended up making my own rod butts...
  5. im going to buy some more inline boards and was going to get xt-44s. My line of thinking is that you can pull a long copper/lead with a big board, but long coppers wont do so well with small boards... do you have any problems detecting smaller fish with short coppers on a big inline boards?
  6. lets get some info.... something like that is right up my alley!
  7. im making some custom gimbal rod butts for my gander roller rods and I need some dimensions for the pins...
  8. thank you for the response! I may just go for it....
  9. So i currently have two dipsy roller rods that I will be using this season. im not sure if I have enough experience or the cojones to run wire. would there be any downside to running braid through a roller rod? silly question I know, but id rather make my mistakes with braid spooled on than wire...
  10. that looks like a good sized lake trout.... did you happen to get a weight?
  11. I know im jacking the thread but its kinda related has any one placed an online order with Northland outlet? id like to get a few berts holders and some other things and was wondering how they handle internet orders... thanks and sorry for stealing the thread!
  12. put the butt of the rod in your armpit as you reel in and hold the foregrip and guide the line on with your index finger and thumb... iv taken a few offshore charters and this is how they taught me the nice thing is that with no level wind the birds nests are much more manageable.
  13. As far as tips for wire rods go.... the gander rods don't have a swivel tip... just a roller. whats the advantage to having a swivel tip?
  14. another vote for a middle of the road cannon DSLR.... I have a few family members who have them and they take great pics
  15. I have a few of these.... good rigs and the blades are some of the best around.
  16. so now a question i know some one has asked... when spooling wire start off with some mono for the non slip to the arbor. now this is my question.... can you get away with using braid as a filler before the wire or is that asking for problems?
  17. thanks you guys for all your input. I just got back from GM and they took more of a discount off and I ended up paying $40 for each!
  18. A local gander mountain is closing and clearing out all sorts of fishing gear. A Gander Mountain roller rod got my eye and I was wondering what people had to say about them for the price paid. I am able to get 8'6" aftco roller rods for $67 a pop... What do you guys think?
  19. O.T. what is the limit on geese in MI? BTW... I know the feeling of setting up may decoys with no or little payout. its nice getting out and all but I hunt on the mississippi in MN river and it takes lots of effort to get set up... especially if you don't get anything.
  20. dont know if u have a vertical press, but that is what we use.... Then just cut slots in boards and a tray with a spout in the bottom. ill Post some pics next time I go to the barn.
  21. what kind of glue do you all use? iv been using krazy glue with a brush and its working great, but im worried that it will react with the tube and make it brittle.
  22. more flies that I wrapped up over the weekend.
  23. My thoughts are that if im gonna drive to a body of water for a few days of fishing id rather not be put out of business by 2' waves(about all my little Starcraft can handle at the most!)
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