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  1. ill be bold enough to say I prefer the taste of lake trout to chinook or coho...
  2. you dont see it as much as you did when floro was new but unless it says 100% fluorocarbon its a mono blend... I know for fact that the Cabelas brand leader material is blended(and cloudy)
  3. i enjoy bourbon neat, but scotch on ice.... BTW.... I learned the other day that the term "scotch on the rocks" isn't talking about a glass with ice and scotch but rather rocks cooled by a river or stream in order to cool the whiskey.
  4. Lexan in an impressive material.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lexan I tried to brake a cannon swivel base (made with Lexan) and could not do it....
  5. thanks for the input! I went with the NFB system
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