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  1. nope... no big boat yet.... just my 17' alum. thats ok though, gives me lots of time to look and find out what I want.
  2. Old fuel line tubing from a B&S 5HP its a little less than 1/4" and fits perfectly with 50lb floro leader material.
  3. So im learning to tie my own flies with a mixed bag of mylar I bought and have been having some great success. I have been having some trouble with my trailing treble hook not being inline. I have been snelling the treble and was wondering if people have used another more effective/durable knot. also..... with all your two hook setups has anyone used two singles with an improved hook set? I had some colors that I wraped up just for fun. not a viking fan, but come spring ill see of any minnesota lake trout are
  4. These Hews Craft boats hold there value... look around for older(than this one) ones and see what they go for... I have been on one and they ride like a dream for an aluminum boat! yea its expensive, but also an investment! I could be wrong... but I think these have welded hulls and I think we all know the benefit of that.
  5. This is how I cook salmon(about once every week and a half) and we still love it every time! http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/grilled-salmon-i/detail.aspx I do modify the recipe a bit. I dont flip the fish but rather grill it on cedar planks that are soaked for about two hours. I also cut out the water and oil and add more soy sauce and add more brown sugar. And not over cooking is a huge part of great fish! Marinate time is important because if you soak the fish to long it will fall apart when you try to put the fish on the planks. Another trick that will help you in ALL cooking (including this recipe) is using real soy sauce that is brewed. If you have a Trader joe's in your area they have the best soy sauce I have ever had. If not, kikkoman is another great choice. Some time when I work up the gumption ill make a video of the perfected version... enjoy and please give me your feedback! EDIT: oh... skin the fillet too!
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Nice job Priority1..... ill be making my own set over the winter. do you remember the cost of the 2" tubbing or did you just have it laying around?
  7. Bummer on not being able to get the part... Its nice when things are an easy fix like that
  8. Id say first thing to do is determine if its an issue of the motor getting to much or not enough fuel. are you able to smell gas when you crank the motor over? IMO it sounds like you need to clean the carbs because its getting flooded...(but my guess its just that.... a guess)
  9. what knot do you use to tie the swivel to the copper? looking for a few opinions..
  10. Hi all I am tying up some copper rods for the first time and had a quick question for people who know more than I do. I have my braid backer to the copper tied with an Albright knot. no problems here. from my copper to my 25 lb mono leader I tied another Albright knot and this is where my problem is. the knot no matter what I do to it wont seem to lay down nice and keeps catching on the level wind and some of the smaller guides! if anyone had some suggestions on how to make this knot smoother id be grateful... thanks to everyone for all the great information on the forum.... its been a REEL help!
  11. Oh it has..... I have fished out of sturgeon bay (just came across the profile of the guy who took me fishing.... funny how small the world is) and plan on trying a charter some place on the north shore in MN.... I also have friends who have fished two harbors and that may be a place I could use my own boat. (just a 17' walleye boat with downriggers on it) long story short..... any chance I get!
  12. Hey all on GLF!!! just came across this forum and saw enough that it makes me want to join. Im about as green as they come to great lakes fishing... only been on a few trips and all... But I have the fever and will be getting more involved soon. Nice to meet every one and ill be talking to you soon!
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