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  1. Finally got back down to Cabo to do some fishing with the boss! This was the first trip of four that Gustavo scheduled for Carlos, Stephanie & I on a different boat each day. The guys had been seeing a fair amount of Marlin in the days prior, but were having a hard time getting them to eat so we decided to make the run out on a 110 heading in search of the porpoise. We hit the first school about 10 miles outside of el farro (lighthouse) and played around in the school and caught a few in the 20-30 lb range until the word was out that we were on the porpoise and 10 boats showed up. We decided to bail on this school and try to find our own. Ran another 25 miles or so out and past the jaimie and found a massive school of porpoise with birds everywhere. Water temps were hovering around 74 and ended up picking off somewhere near 40 tuna and releasing nearly 30 i would guess and losing another dozen or so, mostly on hoochies and cedar plugs. Not the size we were looking for , but non stop action nonetheless. Picked up a striped marlin somewhere in between that was estimated between 180-200 at release. Carlos brought a couple of different kites that we hadn't tried, which were the parachute style and what they call a power sled. We figured these two styles would be more hassle free than the aftco due to using a helium balloon with it to make sure it stayed up. We wanted to throw the kite out early when we were into the little tuna, but the wind was a constant 25mph with it gusting as well and decided to just try to play the front of the school rather than try to reinvent the wheel. Towards the end of the day things calmed a little and we threw the aftco kite up pulling a custom poured "pochos flying fish special" knowing it is a sure thing. What a difference it made!! That flying fish was not in the water more than 2 minutes each time before a top water blow up of the 40-50lb class tuna. Wish we had battled the kite out sooner. Below are some photos of deploying the kite and our first top water smash....what an addiction that is!! Ended the day catching nearly 50 tuna and kept 20 of them along with one nice striped marlin. Check out the photo of fighting the fish near the front of the High Risk. Full cabin with a walk around at rear deck level to boot. This boat is incredible to fight bigger fish stand up with the ability to easily move entirely around the boat!! Ask Bill Boyce...he'll tell you the same thing about this platform. Only one like it in Cabo!! BLOW UP!! Fighting a marlin from the walk around
  2. Yesterday Capt Andres took our good friends Mr. & Mrs. Adams from the lone star state out for a day and were lucky enough to catch and release a small 120 - 130 lb striped marlin and also caught four dorado from 20-25 lbs. They found the marlin while pulling flying fish lures near the porpoise and throwing the rest of the tackle box at the tuna with no hungry takers. Fishing was near the 95 spot where the blue were pulling in recent days. The weather is great fishing is excellent, big dorado in punta gorda and the porpoise, tunas, marlins & wahoo still being stuck there as well. A good number of sails have still been coming on the pacific side. See you in Cabo....you catch em, we cook em!!!!
  3. Host of the IGFA Saltwater Adventures Bill Boyce and his film crew just finished the fishing segment of some great video of game fishing for the new World Fishing Network television series with Capt Charlie aboard Pochos Charters High Risk. Should be very cool as we pulled 4 marlin and baited a sword that didnt hook. Bill jumped right in the water for some of the incredible underwater shots that made him famous. Looking forward to seeing the airing soon!
  4. A recent customer just sent this video to me and I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share it. He did a great job editing the video I thought. If this video doesn't get you heart racing you may want to go see a doctor!!:lol XpygmUs75hw
  5. Didn't like there "Magic" hey! It's like anything though, there is bad with the good. Majority of charters in Cabo are excellent and with some research you can find the right ones. Pochos does have some bad days though and skunks have happened.....just hasn't happened in a while:grin:
  6. Nearly all of the charter boats in cabo have used cannon and walker for slow trolling live skipjack for the BIG pelagic species, but we were recently given the opportunity to use Big Jon's by a gracious donation from John Williams to the pochos fleet. I think you will see Big Jons on all of the pochos fleet before to long. If they can hold up to the saltwater they truly are a bulletproof rigger.
  7. Michiganders get special pricing....especially spartan fans:thumb:
  8. We had the privilege of having the legendary great lakes sportfishing team, Captains George & Chris Peplinski of Netminder Charters from Onekema Mi along with their family aboard the Bad Market with Captain Andres. George's daughter Heather was married in Cabo on 4/20...Congrats Heather!! Prior to sunday Charlie had been sticking a few marlin near destilaradas and Andres decided to make the run to the Gordo Bank where he set up 4-5 miles outside. There they found very nice 73 degree blue water and were able to give the Netminder Charters family the opportunity to reel in 4 nice striped marlin to the boat. Congrats guys and we look forward to seeing you again On the following day we took out a long time customer and his son that fish a lot of tournaments with us here at Pochos. Captain Andres ran out to the same spot he was able to find the fish the day prior and raised the bar by pulling in 5 striped Marlin for Sonny and his son. We are now gearing up for the IGFA tournament in a few weeks as we have 3 invited boats out of our fleet that will be fishing teams from all over the country. Captian Andres proudly flying his flags on the Bad Market!!
  9. Pochos is a full service charter service operating out of Cabo San Lucas Mx and we will post our reports and saltwater tutorials from time to time here on GLF. If anyone has any questions on saltwater fishing please let us know and we will try to answer it for you!
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