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  1. Well, what a difference a couple of days can make. Headed out to the same area as the last trip and setup. Trolled the area without a trip. Roamed around and finally got a hit on the dipsey, flasher, green fly setup. Not a big fish but within about 20' of the boat he just let go. Had a few more hits on the dipsey setup but by the time I got to the rod they were gone. Everyone I talked said fishing was slow and no one at the fish cleaning station when we got back in. I was hoping for one more catch on Lakers before the season closes (end of the month). Doesn't look like I'll get out again so that wraps up the trout season for this year. The hit and miss and hit and release at the boat seems to be setting a trend. Anyone have any suggestions on how to increase hookup and landing rate on dipsey, flasher fly setups? Gordy..........
  2. Had a great afternoon on the water. Winds and waves were light, the sun was shining and the fish were biting. Fished from about 2 until 6:30 PM. We had hits on spin doctor and green peanut fly, watermelon, harley davidson, and anurisym (sp) spoons. Depths were between 25 and 55 with water depths between 45 and 70. The fish were pretty spread out and didn't seem to react to any certain color. We went 7 for 9 with 6 laker and nice king. Looks like I'll be eating well for the rest of the week :-) Only a few more days of Laker season and the weather forcast is looking good. I hope i can get out a couple more times this week before I have to put the boat to bed for winter.
  3. Didn't have a great year this year - mostly due to the flood, too much work travel, too many other irons in fire, bought a cabin.................. Next year I have to get my priorities back in order. I see that I joined this site about a month after you. The Lake Superior fishing reports don't seem to be a huge hit here but I'm going to at least add what I can. Maybe more will post if they see some new stuff getting added. Come on up and give me a shout. Be happy to have you aboard if you don't mind me picking your brain.
  4. Hit the water around 7:00AM and headed down the WI/MN line. Lots of boats out this morning. Setup in about 60 fow and headed east. Two small lakers and nice King fairly quickly and all on a watermelon spoon. Got quiet for awhile then heard some reports that fish were hitting 25-35' down. Moved a couple of lines up and immediately started getting hits. Had 3 fish get off near the boat and landed 2 more lakers. Had 4 or 5 releases with no fish. When we found the fish the color didn't seem to make much difference. Mostly spoons and a couple of hits on a green fly behind a silver flasher. Nice to have some fish in the box again. Gordy...........
  5. Hey Ryan, I've been out of the loop for awhile. Too much work travel this year so the fishing has suffered. Just finding out about the stuff going on over at GLA. I look forward to reading your posts here. Gordy........... AKA WI_VikingFan at GLA.
  6. I have an older Eagle FishElite 320 that I am converting to a portable locator. My main use the BWCA in Northern MN. I also fish WI but I have the Lakemaster WI for Lowrance already. The "stock" maps don't show any depths on the lake I am looking for (Basswood in Lake County). I believe it takes the same chip as Lowrance. Does anyone have an older Lakemaster Minnesota chip sitting around collecting dust? Actually, any brand chip that will fit the unit and give me something would be better than what I have. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to find out its not going to work. Leaving Saturday July 7th so I need it asap. Buy, rent, borrow, freebie, whatever it takes. Thanks Gordy................
  7. I'll be heading to the BWCA in July (7th trip in 5 years) and that's were I use most of my harnesses. The tandems turn into leach/minnow rigs when a Northern happens to come up short. Occasionally fish elsewhere for walleye but do more jig and minnow fishing. I have been making my own for this trip for the last few years and have a bunch made up already but 36 rigs with tackle tamers for less than the cost of parts was a no brainer especially since my son is going to make the trip this year. I'm thinking I should order another batch to fill his tackle box as well. Gordy.......
  8. Cabelas (web site) Bargain Cave has the VMC® Revolution in Cracked Ice, Hex and classic 6-packs on sale. The are in the Bargain Cave\Rock Bottom Deals\Fishing and Boating. Normally they are $14.99 on sale for $4.99 and you can get tandems or single hook rigs. Come on a tackle tamer with the quick change clevis. I bought 6 (2 of each type). I haven't ever used them before so I'm hoping they work. Anybody use them? If you buy some, post a reply here. I'm curious how many others buy them. Gordy........
  9. I just added a kicker to my '95 Islander 191. If the budget would have allowed it would have been a Yamaha 9.9 High Thrust and an Adventure Marine fixed mount. I like the fixed vs the adjustable mounts - just seem stronger. What I installed is a '06 Johnson 9.9 4 stroke, Panther lift on a custom made rigid mount (a local shop made it out of 1/4" aluminum plate for about $200) and a TrollMaster Pro. Trolls at any speed I want and will push the boat just shy of 5 mph on flat calm water. Its not a high thrust - just the normal 3 blade prop. Steering is connected to the outdrive using EZ-Steer connector. I still have some kinks to work out but it should do the trick for me.
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