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  1. Im in boat is STEEL DREAMIN thanks see u Saturday
  2. ok well thats a great deal and where can i get some?
  3. I use them and work good but i have been using them inside of my fly's instead of beads and with great results. I think it bulk them up and double glow... its been hot this year... hope this helps
  4. count me in and send me info as soon as you get it together.... Thanks Carl
  5. Well here in southern MI i lease hunting land for 10.00 a acre for the whole year. Does the property have a cabin, elec., any upgrades?
  6. well I took out my brother n law and nephew, we set up in 90ft and didnt find any fish till 120ft. Went 5-7 and my nephew got his first salmon a 5# coho.... he was so excited. then we were around 10 miles out and a Bat started dive bombin the boat. he then decided to take a nap inside of my 150 copper reel...lolol to funny. most fish off of riggers and 300 copper. 2 on green whale and 3 om green SD with glow bride. Best part is my nephew is now hooked....
  7. well in Battle Creek there is a place called BC tent and awning they make everything from flags to custom canvas work... Hope this helps... tight lines and good luck
  8. Thanks for the info I am planning a Friday PM trip and was wondering how it was shaping up. What was the best water?
  9. Yes you have to go faster at the surface. If your only reading 1.5 at the ball your to slow. With lake currents in mind i have had to go up to 5 on the surface to get 2.5 at the ball and also as slow as 1.5 surface. ur ball speed is the factor you need to go with. Try keeping it at 2-2.5 sometimes up to 3..... the change in speed sometimes will trigger a strike. Hope this helps. Tight lines and good luck Carl
  10. well here is the set up 300 45# copper, Tackle Haven has a web site and sell a Okuma reel covector 55 pre spooled with the copper for 119.00 and the Okuma copper rod for 32.00 . This is the best price i could find. this will get you down 70 to 90ft. Hope this helps:thumb:
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