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  1. The way the wind was blowing when I came out of the house I knew there would be no 1 foot or less but we went out and set lines at 80 ft. My 90 year old Dad was with us so we just went with the waves out to 250 ft. picking up 10 fish on the way out. At 130 ft. a steelhead came on a Stinger carmel dolphin on a 10 color. At 143 ft. a laker came on a dreamweaver lemon ice on a 5 color. At 193 ft. a steelhead came on a pro king orange crush. At 217 we took a double. A king on the carmel dolphin on the 10 color and a laker on the lemon ice on the 5 color. At 223ft. a king came on a stinger blue dolphin 45 down on a rigger. At 230 ft. we took a triple. A king came on a dreamweaver green dolphin 60 down on a rigger. A steelhead came on a stinger blue dolphin 45 down on the rigger and a steelhead came on a carmel dolphin 30 down on the rigger. The last fish was a king on a NBK 30 down on the rigger in 240 ft. The dipsy's never took a hit all morning. We lost three other fish on lead. Have a great day on the water!!!!
  2. Thats what its all about. Watching the kids catch the fish and the smiles on their faces when it is in the net!!
  3. Sorry about the late report but I had to head to work after cleaning fish. We went 8 for 10 Monday morning between 7 and 10 in 45 to60 fow straight out of the piers. One coho on stinger blue dolphin 40 down on rigger. One coho on lemom/lime stinger on rigger 24 down. Two coho came on red/silver pro king behind dipsy 65 back on 3. Two coho came on red thin fin behind a board. One coho on a mixed veggie stinger 38 down on rigger and One laker on orange crush behind a dipsy 55 back on 3. Have a great day on the lake!!
  4. Outstanding catch and great report. I got moved to second shift so I will be out Monday morning.
  5. Sounds like a busy morning. Great cooler of fish. Must have been a beautiful day on the lake.
  6. Thanks for the great report. That was a great cooler of fish.
  7. We went 5 for 6 this morning. We ran south to the 3's and trolled back to the pier heads. A coho came on a red/silver pro king on a dipsy 40 back on 3 in 48 fow. A steelhead hit a red thin fin behind the board in 49 fow. A coho hit an orange crush on three color lead in 47 fow. A coho hit a red thin fin behind a board in 48 fow. The last coho came on a red/silver pro king 30 down on the rigger in 39 fow. Have a great day on the water!!!!
  8. Great job on the Lakers. Next weekend they can go in the smoker!!
  9. Our first trip out for the season started slow as we went the first two hours washing baits in 20 to 40 ft. of water south of the piers. We had planned to fish in closer but the armada of boats kept us out. We finally moved out to 60 ft. south of the power plant and took 8 fish in a little over an hour. We took 5 coho and 3 kings weighing 15,13, and 11 pounds. The largest king came on a green jointed rapala 100 feet behind the board. The other 7 fish came on a red with black ladderback thin fin 100 ft. behind the board. I was happy that all equipment worked on the first trip. The kings were an added bonus.
  10. Since we had a flat lake we decided to fish for perch this morning. We took a 5 person limit 4 miles north of the piers in 30 feet of water. We had 25 fish 10 to 13 inches and the rest 7 to 9 inches. We kept the radio on and it sounded like the salmon fishing was pretty good also in 80 to 120 feet of water. We will be in Manistee tomorrow. Have a great day on the water!!!
  11. I usually troll between 2 and 2.5 on my graph which is around 2.8 to 3.2 on my GPS. Depending on the current and winds adjustments are made. I don't have the speed at the bait so I depend on how my dipsy's are pulling. When a fish gets on I always note the direction and speed to form a pattern for that day. Have a great day on the water!!! Larry Kramp (Salmon Slammer)
  12. We sure didn't do much salmon slamming today as we went 2 for 2 while bouncing around for three hours. We set lines at 50 ft. straight out of the piers and headed west. Our first king came at 78 feet on a pro king orange crush 55 down on a rigger. We trolled out to 100 and turned back east. Our second king came in 73 feet on dreamweaver green dolphin 50 down on a rigger. We marked very few fish and no bait. It seems like Saturdays and wind seem to go together. Have a great time on the lake!!!!
  13. We went 6 for 10 today fishing 50 to 65 feet of water. The surface temp was 66 to 68 in that depth range and in the 70's on both sides so we stayed in that break all morning. A mag. dreamweaver lemon ice on full lead took three of the six kings. A blue spin doctor with a blue bubble fly 80 back on 1 on the dipsy took 2 kings and a moonshine yellow tail on a dipsy 100 back on 3 took the other king. The kings ranged from 9 to 15 pounds. At least I kept the hooks out of me today!!! Have a great day on the water!!!!
  14. We went 3 for 4 before we had to leave the lake because I buried a set of treble hooks in my hand. We fished straight out of the piers in 65 to 85 feet of water. we took 2 steelhead. One came on a blue spin doctor and blue fly 90 back on 1 on a dipsy. The other steelhead came on mag. lemon ice on a full lead. A 15 pound king came on mag lemon/lime stinger off rigger 55 down.
  15. We though we would try an evening fish since we couldn't go in the morning. We ended up 3 for 6. We started at 5:00 and fished until 9:00 straight out from the piers 70 to 105 feet of water. One steelhead came on Blue spin doctor/blue fly 100 back on 1. One steelhead came on magnum lemon ice 70 down on a rigger. One king came on magnum lemon ice on full lead. The flies were terrible and did more biting than the fish. I guess I still prefer the 5:00 AM start time for a fishing trip.
  16. Great report on the evening fish. It looks like the fish are hanging around the 80 to 100 feet of water.
  17. Sorry about the late post but here it is. We went 9 for 12 Friday morning fishing the same waters we have been working this week. We fished 70 to 90 feet of water from straight out of the pier heads to 4 miles south. We started at 6 with the first 3 fish coming on moonshine glows. 1 Laker on a white with black dots,1 king on the blue flounder and 1 king on the michael jackson. We also got 2 kings on a blue spin doctor blue fly on dipsy 90 back on 1. 1 steelhead and 1 king on monkey puke on dipsy 150 out on 3. 1 laker on full lead with lemon ice and 1 king on green dolphin on dipsy 140 back on 3. I had planned to fish all weekend, but I messed up my leg keeping me off the lake. I won't complain as we had 3 great days on the lake.
  18. Here's the picture for 7/2. The thread title should read 7/2 by the way, not 7/22! I realized it too late to edit, so if an admin reads this, please correct it! Thanks!
  19. It was a little bumpy but we went 12 for 15 this morning. We ended with 8 kings and 4 steelhead fishing 75 to 100 feet of water straight out of the piers to 3 miles south. Most of the fish came going into the waves. The steelhead came on green dolphin on a dipsy 140 back on 3,a blue dolphin on a half core, a green dolphin 45 down on a rigger,and a blue dolphin on full core. The kings came on michael jackson glo (2), white with black spots glo, flounder pounder glo, blue spin doctor with blue fly, blue dolphin on full lead (2), lemon ice on rigger 60 down.
  20. The largest king was 16 . I hope to have a picture to go with the post as soon as my son does it. When it comes to doing the picture thing on the computer I am clueless
  21. We went 11 for 14 this morning fishing in 85 to 95 feet of water south of the pier heads. Two steelhead came on blue spin doctor with blue bubble fly on a dipsy 90 back on 1. One steelhead came on orange fish catcher with an orange fly on a dipsy 160 back on 3. Two kings came on blue spin doctor with blue fly on a dipsy 80 back on 1. One king came on a flounder pounder on rigger 70 down. One king came on lemon ice on a half core. Three kings came on a blue dolphin on full lead. One king came on tin can 90 down on rigger.
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