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  1. Fished 200 to 265 feet of water in the 12's. It was slow but took 2 coho, 1 King and 1 Laker. Two came on lemon ice on lead core and two came off rigger down 65 on green dolphin. All caught by nine and then two hours of washing baits. Surface temp was 47
  2. Fished 200 to 250 feet of water in the 5's to 7's.Took 2 Lakers, one on lemon ice on full lead and one on blue spin doctor with blue fly off dipsy 120 back on 1. 4 kings came on green dolphin 69 down on rigger,mag lemon ice on full lead,mag blue dolphin on full lead, and mag blue dolphin on rigger 55 down.
  3. 200 feet of water is about 10 miles out. The coho were 2 to 3 pounds, the king 5 pounds and the steelhead 6 pounds.
  4. Took 6 fish in 200 to 250 feet of water straight out of the pier heads.Three coho and 1 king came on Dreamweaver lemon ice on full lead. One coho came on Pro king bumblebee 35 down on rigger and one steelhead came on blue spin doctor with a blue fly behind a dipsy 90 back on 1.
  5. After spending three hours trolling the shoreline in 8 to 15 feet of water with no hits we headed west. At 45 feet of water we took a steelhead on blue and orange thunderstick behind a board. At 65 feet of water we took a coho on a pro king bumblebee 27 down on rigger. The water temp on surface was 43. Talk on the radio sounded like 85 to 90 fow was producing some kings and lakers. I guess I should have started deeper today.
  6. First time out this season the good news all the equipment worked fine but with the water only 44 we only caught two fish. We fished 6 miles south of the piers and put one laker back in the lake and one brown in the cooler. Both fish came in 23 feet of water on red thin fin behind a board.
  7. We were 6 for 9 all kings fishing 70 to 80 feet of water a little south of pier heads. Pro king yellow/blue hologram took 2 fish,1 on lead and 1 off dipsy 180 back on 3. Pro king bumblebee 40 down on rigger took one. Blue spin doctor/blue bubble fly off dipsy 100 back on 1 and 2 fish came on green fishcatcher with monkey puke fly 120 back on 1
  8. We took a four man limit of perch this morning in 39 feet of water in front of A frames south of pier heads. No jumbo's but a lot of 10 inch perch.
  9. We took our limit of perch about 6 miles south of pier heads out from A frames in 42 feet of water. No jumbo's today. All fish between 8 and 10 inches.
  10. I am sorry I didn't put the port in. I posted on another site which had the port in the heading and just copied the same report to this site. I always fish out of St. Joseph. I will put the port in the heading next time. I have no secrets and always share my reports and location on the lake when I am out. There are plenty of fish for everyone and plenty of times I am looking for help to get the skunk out of the box
  11. We took our limit of 9 kings by 8 AM 4 miles south of pier heads in 65 to 70 feet of water. Fish came on blue/chartreuse pro king 0n dipsy 200 back on 3 and the same spoon on lead. Also orange crush 45 on rigger, green dolphin 65 down on rigger, and blue spin doctor with blue bubble fly on dipsy 100 back on 1.
  12. Took 3 kings north of piers in the 10's in 75 feet of water. 2 came on dreamweaver green dolphin 70 down on rigger and 1 on green and white fishcatcher/green fly 145 back on 1. Then we went in and caught 80 perch in 20 feet of water at the north end of Jean Klock Park
  13. Took six fish south of pier heads in the 4's in 60 to 80 feet of water. king on blue spin doctor/blue bubble fly off dipsy 90 back on 1. A king and laker on green dolphin 70 down on rigger. A coho and steelhead off green and white fish catcher with a dolphin fly. A steelhead on blue and green hologram pro king 60 down on rigger.
  14. Best day in 30 years on the lake.Put 20 fish in the box. 2 coho, 2 lake trout, 6 steelhead and 10 kings. Fished south of piers 60 to 72 feet of water. Every rod took at least one fish. Pro king blue and green and dreamweaver green dolphin took most of the fish. Riggers 60 and 65 down, dipsy 90 on one ,dipsy 150 on 2. Lead took 8 fish.We will be back out in the morning.
  15. Fished out of St. Joe a little south of piers 75 to 90 feet of water. lead took 2 kings with dreamweaver lemon ice. Dreamweaver green dolphin took 2 kings and 1 steelhead all off the dipsy 150 on 3, 175 on 3 and 100 on 1. Rain and lightning shortened our morning. All five fish in box by 8:00.
  16. Fished out of St. Joe this morning in 70 to 90 feet of water working the 6's to the 9's. Took a coho and a king 70 down on rigger on a green dolphin. Also took a laker and a king 60 down on a rigger. Took a king 0n a bumblebee 40 down on a rigger. Had three hits on lead with a lemon ice but none of them stuck.
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