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  1. Thanks for the report. Send some of those coho up to St. Joe !!!!
  2. Another slow day for us. The pier heads had way too many boats for my liking so I ran to the chalets and worked waters ten to fifty fow south to the power plant. After the water warmed a couple degrees to 46 we took three coho in front of the chalets. The fire tiger thunderstick took two behind boards in 15 and 20 fow and a fire tiger thin fin took one in 20 fow. That was it for the day but they sure tasted great on the grill when we got home!!!
  3. Fished this morning going 1 for 2. Ran the beach for a couple hours with no hits. Water was still cloudy and 43 degrees. Moved back to river mud line at the piers and took a 6 pound brown on a orange jointed rapala running 6 feet down on a rigger in 30 fow. On the north side of the mud had a steelhead on until his third jump threw the plug. It hit a fire tiger thin fin running behind a board. Hopefully better luck tomorrow.
  4. Set in at the pier heads at 9:00 and trolled to the chalets. Went 8 for 10 working waters 10 ft. to 25 ft. Took 7 coho and 1 laker. Orange jointed rapalas and red thin fins worked the best.
  5. After looking at a ton of pictures what we caught was not a splake but I think the laker wasn't a full laker. It had all the markings of a laker but the head was not normal. It will go into the log book as a laker!!!! Thanks to all who posted pictures of the two.
  6. As soon as it came out of the water we knew it wasn't a coho. I really didn't expect the steelhead either but it will all taste good!!!!
  7. There was a small amount of floating ice to the north of the piers but it was along the shoreline.
  8. Fished in front of the pier heads this morning putting 8 in the cooler. We took 4 coho, 2 steelhead, one king at 16 pounds and 1 splake. All fish came in 26 to 32 feet of water. The steelhead came in the clean water and the rest in the mud. The steel head came on a red thin fin and a green jointed rapala. Two coho came on red thin fin and two on a coho dodger with a white fly on a 2 co;lor lead. The king came on a mixed veggie stinger and the splake came on watermelon stinger. The lake temp was 39 and the river water coming out was 49 It was our first trip out for the year and all equipment worked great which is always a plus!!!
  9. We went 8 for 12 with 6 Lakers and 2 kings fishing 80 to 90 fow. Magnum lemon ice on 100 copper took a king and a laker. A mixed Veggie spin doctor and no see um fly on a low diver out 170 took a Laker. That same set up on a rigger down 80 ft. took three lake trout.A white spin doctor with a green and gold fly on a low diver 175 back took a king. A magnum warrior spoon lime with a pink dot down 80 on a rigger took two Lakers.
  10. We took a three man limit of coho in 25 to 30 fow. We fished from Churchill Farms to the chalets. All fish came off boards using red thin fins and red thunder sticks. Only one dock in at DNR launch in Benton Harbor.
  11. We spent the entire morning in front of the piers working 17 feet to 50 ft. We ended up one for one. There seemed to be a lot of fish around but not interested in hitting anything. The king we got came on a blue spin doctor with a blue bubble fly on a dipsy set on three 50 back. we were in 19fow off the south pier. It seems like the most fish we marked was in 35 to 40 feet of water.
  12. Fished perch today north of the harbor up by the clay banks. We found a few perch in 24 fow. We ended the morning with 46 6 to 8 inch perch. Not a great perch day but better than the slow days we were having looking for kings and they will taste great!!!
  13. Since fishing has been tough we decided to cover the bottom and fish for lake trout. That didn't work any better as we covered 50 fow to 90 fow for three hours with a skunk still in the box. The lake was flat so we picked up and ran out to 230 fow. At 238 fow we took a coho on a stinger mixed veggies 50 down on a rigger. At 239fow we took another coho on a dreamweaver NBK 51 down on a rigger. That was the last of our action for the day. The surface temp out deep was 60 and 50 down was 51 degrees. We are looking for perch on Friday with better results I hope!!!
  14. Since we didn't find any fish inside Tuesday we decided to run out where we were on Monday. We set down in 235 fow and took a coho at 238 on a stinger blue dolphin 45 down on a rigger. The next fish came at 240 on a warrior mixed veggies 55 down on a rigger. We worked that area for the next hour with no more bites. We then headed west out to 275 and never lifted a rod so we pulled and ran back in to 150 fow. We trolled all the way in to 60 fow with no fish and marked very few. Hopefully Thursday will be a better day!!!
  15. Today was a whole different lake than yesterday. Do to the chop on the lake I didn't run back out to 240 where we were yesterday. We worked the 70 t0 110 waters and got our first skunk of the season. We marked fish and bait but never had a hit all morning. We will be back out tomorrow morning!!!!
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