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  1. Thanks for the report. Send some of those coho up to St. Joe !!!!
  2. Another slow day for us. The pier heads had way too many boats for my liking so I ran to the chalets and worked waters ten to fifty fow south to the power plant. After the water warmed a couple degrees to 46 we took three coho in front of the chalets. The fire tiger thunderstick took two behind boards in 15 and 20 fow and a fire tiger thin fin took one in 20 fow. That was it for the day but they sure tasted great on the grill when we got home!!!
  3. Fished this morning going 1 for 2. Ran the beach for a couple hours with no hits. Water was still cloudy and 43 degrees. Moved back to river mud line at the piers and took a 6 pound brown on a orange jointed rapala running 6 feet down on a rigger in 30 fow. On the north side of the mud had a steelhead on until his third jump threw the plug. It hit a fire tiger thin fin running behind a board. Hopefully better luck tomorrow.
  4. Set in at the pier heads at 9:00 and trolled to the chalets. Went 8 for 10 working waters 10 ft. to 25 ft. Took 7 coho and 1 laker. Orange jointed rapalas and red thin fins worked the best.
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