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  1. Looking good...now get some blood n guts all over that boat! Fishsniffer is real good at washing and waxing boats....
  2. A few people I know fished in a different spot, some good weights and some 14-16# baskets came from the area they fished....we did lose another 5-6#r at the back of the boat. I do know the farther SE we went the smaller the fish that we caught, and lots of them.
  3. Heard a wise man say, find out what they want, and give them lots of it. Typically an inline/harness rig, I gave them bottom bouncers in their face. Ran se of Au Gres about 8 miles and started over deeper water trolling easterly with the waves. Bouncers on one side and In-lines on the other. We quickly were aware that harnesses close to the bottom would rule the day. Multiple colors were productive, coppers, anti freeze, purples and pink panties along with a few custom streaks kept us extremely busy most of the day. Our first pass was about a 3 mile troll from 37fow all the way to 23fow.....catching fish the entire way. We were participating in the Au Gres Firemans event and decided to return a good majority of the fish we were catching in hopes of better fish. We made that pass 2 x and caught a lot of fish, before we started taking decent fish over the deeper water at which point we ground it out in the deeper water putting together a 17# bag! not great! but it's what we had! biggest was 4.88#. Bonus 12.5" fat plump juicy perch and a master angler catfish measuring 32-33". We caught fish with only one lul about noon. After that action picked back up again. Kept our 15 and there back that many plus a few.
  4. Nice job on the fish Mike! I called it in the morning. Woke early and was looking at the radar and couldn't tell if it was going to be nasty with lightning or if it was going to pass to the south. After a tasty western omelet at H&H i still couldn't figure what the heck it was going to do. About 10am, I realized that I made the wrong decision. I had a buddy with me that fishes with me periodically, and in rough conditions he's not the most comfortable. As I explained, I would rather regret not fishing than regret fishing and being caught in bad weather. Hindsight is always 20/20.....
  5. We moved up to the north to some old numbers that typically produce. Pulled a couple up there, but the bugs were worse up in that area than where I saw you at.... Upgraded my ignition to an electronic ignition here in the last few weeks. Buddy of mine helped me with the install and also with the "timing". The Husky Jerk never ran so good as it does now. My fuel efficiency improved significantly and the delivery of power is smooth all the way through.
  6. Glad you were able to help them out, and I'm certain it was a relief for them also. I've been out in those rough bay conditions, and lord knows I wouldn't want to become distressed. Glad everyone is okay!
  7. Yeah, you were in that spot, along with a few others that I know. You sure had them going. We thought we were onto something, then the action subsides for us. We had a spread of harnesses, 2 bb over the side, one bouncer off a board, then a mix of inlines spreading the water column. We were a little shy of our 4 man limit. However, we did have some nice fish in the box. Black blade with pink dots down n out took some action. Then a silver confusion blade 50 back with a 2 oz inline seemed to be a better set up for us too. Decided after looking at the radar on sunday morning to go have breakfast.....didn't fish, looks like the rain missed us, I was a little reluctant with the YELLOWS and REDS in the radar a little further to the west. Thought, I'd rather regret not fishing than regret going fishing. Oh well. I'll be up for Saturday for sure, and if Sunday's weather looks good I'm going to take my wife and children out for some fun! Nice seeing you out there P1!
  8. Nice victory Don! You are the TOP DAWG in Grand Haven!!!!!
  9. We will be returning to Islamorada another time, we really enjoyed our time there. Wahoos shrimp po boy was pretty darn good.mmhog Heaven was interesting and Lorelei's had a great sunset and cheap drinks. Took a snorkeling tour also, saw a lot of sea life, including a lot of barracuda on one of the reefs.
  10. Wow...what a fantastic little holiday with my wife. Enjoying fantastic weather, delicious food, and fun activities for the few days we're down here on holiday. We decided to book a headboat/partyboat fishing trip for Friday. It was us and 12 other on the boat, which I'm thinking is light on the numbers for what the captain wants, but to our advantage with a low total number of people. Not sure exactly what we caught, but, we caught a bunch of fish in the 3 different spots that we anchored at. We booked out of a spot called Robbie's. This little village was interesting to say the least. Fishing was decent for my wife and I. The real treat for us wasn't in the catch, but after fishing we were in need of lunch. Mate on the boat suggested a place to go to cook our catch, and he suggested his favorite way they prepare it. So we tried his suggestion, and it was fantastic!!!!! There were a good number of Tarpon around the docks before launching Here is our catch Oh and this was the delicious "appetizer" of the fish we caught prepared at LazyDayz Restaurant......IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD! They claim that this area is the fishing capital of the world, and from what I can see they claim that for good reason. Boats everywhere. I believe we will be looking to book another trip to this area in the future.
  11. Let the big dog EAT! You can't run with the big dogs if you pee like a puppy! The dog is on em! Keep it up Terry!
  12. Nice work Dick! We were up north on Saturday. Dodged a few rain storms, but didn't dodge some of the gusty winds that kicked up the waves. Fishing was work for us on Saturday. Keep on em!
  13. Nice job. Reading a lot of great reports from the bay.....
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