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  1. You can't have enough tools in the box, so to speak. In 2011 one pattern meat rig, bar none, took more fish over the course of the summer than any other lures on the boat. I still remember it on the 250' CU. Put it out, sit down, and ZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGGg.....did this one weekend pretty consistently. Moo Moo Meat Rig was it. But, on any given day, who knows what's gonna be hot. in 2012 it was the big white paddle and the riverside fly down deep that shined.
  2. Nice job on the fish P1! Adam gives you a big thumbs up..... Upon your suggestion he was even more thrilled with his own limit of walleye on Saturday. Sure was a real treat for me and Adam to fish together and enjoy some success. He sure does love to fish.
  3. Is 50* the warmest you've seen this summer? Nice job on the fish. That's a lot of LT, what is your favorite way to prepare them?
  4. Surface temperature is the break I was looking for offshore fishing. I believe in my case, it was cold water all the way out, then we found 53-55* water. I used this as an estimate http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7#post7 We just kept heading to where the surface temp map suggested the change in the water temp was, and indeed it was pretty close.
  5. A few years back, we ran 22 miles offshore to the temp break. Well worth the effort. Once we found it, the fish were there:thumb:
  6. Nice job Frank! I prefer to put the waves at the stern and ride with em...buckin' into em isn't fun. As you mentioned, if you don't have the right crew, it can get ugly quick. Case n point, was fishing a few weeks ago with a buddy of mine. It was calm enough to go both up/down wind, but was evident, that not everyone has the "knack" for it. I turned over the helm, and less than one minute into it, buddy was doing a 180*.....take your hands of the wheel, or don't pay attention to the indicators I use and that big ol' wind sock will catch the wind and turn pretty abruptly.
  7. I know you're not going to relinquish your title easily. Maybe you can have a conversation with him regarding HOW FAR BACK you're running your bouncers.....
  8. Nice job Mike! I ran into a loose buoy last weekend on the east side of the channel out of Au Gres. Just one white buoy, claimed 2 harnesses and 2 bouncers.....just a buoy and some rope.....didn't see it until last minute.
  9. I know how that goes. Pulled over in a rite aid parking lot about a month ago not far from home, just couldn't stay awake. 20-30 minute nap and i was right and ready to go
  10. Nice job Frank. Was out Saturday, caught our 10 in one pass. The bay is on fire!
  11. I would take some perch gear too. We rent a house there every July, this year it was booked all summer. But, we focus on perch and you can get into them really good.
  12. Good luck and have FUN! You're right, I got my crew, they just need to grow a little more, and I don't want them to NOT want to go because of me making bad decisions and dragging things out when it's clear, it's time to go. They were just as bummed after fishing that the weather wasn't great and weren't interested in throwing anchor and going for a swim.....that's okay. Mid July we have a week to spend in Tawas....sure as heck figure there's a day or two in there that we can get out and have some fun and do some fishing.
  13. We had the action....just the wrong species.... They loved the fight regardless. My 3 year old put it correctly....Dad...we have fish in the freezer....Hope to be out on Saturday and Sunday...
  14. No, the waves weren't big at all. They did impact the kids however. Wanted to stay close to port with the kids, in the instance that the weather kicked up. I was surprised at what we did catch....oh well. Vacation coming up in mid July, and were hoping for some good conditions to get back out with the kids for some eyes. Doing it right with three young kids is important. All three were excited about catching fish, didn't matter the variety.
  15. Nice job on the fish P1! I sat down with Chummer @ Ali's Up North a few weeks back and enjoyed a frosty one and some stories with him. He's a class act!
  16. Nice job Mike, you were on your way in, and I passed you on our way out of the river. I had my wife and 3 young kids. They didn't last long out there, roughly 1 hour of fishing time. We didn't find any walleye, and stuck pretty close to port. But in one hour we did catch 3 nice sheepshead and 3 catfish. Not what we were looking for, but the kids had a hoot wrestling those to the boat. Waves weren't what I consider bad, but my 4 year old got a little green, and we decided to come in.
  17. Nice job P1! Looking like a Sunday mid morning launch with my crew...maybe we will c u out there?
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