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  1. Well, what a tough day! Griz and I headed up ahead of the ladies. Launched @ 0830 and headed into the SLOPPY / ROUGH seas to 65 fow. Deployed 6 lines. We fished for about 15-20 minutes and the little guy just couldn't take it. He was on the verge of being sick. I couldn't get the lines in fast enough. I learned a SE wind is not good for waves in Tawas! We salvaged the day though. The ladies met us shortly before 11 am at the boat launch. Stopped by Tony's Tacos for lunch, then off to the Tawas State Park to play in the surf at the beach. It was an absolutely great day!
  2. Nice job P1! Griz and I will be fishing deep water tomorrow morning. Then we are going to pick up the ladies at the dock and to play in the water. I'll post good, bad or indifferent. I figure we have about 3 hours to fish., better then nothing. Are you suggesting you waved the net and others swarmed you?
  3. Nice job P1! I had a productive day at the office. Rather have been out on the water!
  4. Nice job as always P1! Hopefully in 20 years I can afford the time to be on the water as much as you are! You're driving a gravy train with biscuit wheels! Keep on em!
  5. Thanks Frank! It was a hoot. Putting together day trips as needed to get my fishing fix. Looking for good weather to take the kids back up for some fishing, then anchoring and playing in the water. The average size of the fish there are just NICE. Minnows and mayflies in the cooler......they're eating healthy.
  6. Fished with a good buddy of mine on Saturday. Launched about about 0800 and wrapped up the day about 1730 with 9 keeper walleye, and only 2 pull backs with nobody home. Biggest fish was just shy of 27". 3 color custom reel naughty (warrior) DDHJ on a 3 color took fish 2 color rattlin rogue candy apple took the most fish. deep little rippers 65 back took a few too. We were rained on 2 x, and after the first round of rain the bite died and we worked our tails off for 7,8, and #9. Fun fishing a new to me area with slight to no pressure. Closest boat was maybe 4 miles away.
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