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  1. Great Job Terry it looked a little bumpy out there today ,Good to see the fish still are there and willing to bite Luremaker
  2. Good job Dave. Try to turn your graph off and see if your radio works on the hi power ,some graphs draw so much power that other items can't run right. I have a bother and his graph takes so much power that it will shut it self down when battery is not putting out enough volts. Set me the photo from today to my email so I can post it on the web site. Luremaker
  3. Erik Good luck we all are praying for you . We have a little girl that has a rare blood disorder and we have found the Grand Rapids has the best doctors out there ,they found what was wrong and put all the cards on the table and keep us up to date on everything that is going on and as a parent that is what need to happen .. I know things will work out in the long run for you .. luremaker
  4. Nick Great Report ,sorry you hit a few snags but you did the right thing by towing then in. Alot of people will not go out of there way to do that. Great fishing report ,we are offering the prototype spoons and more at the powder horn In holland now ,you and dave have been doing a great job and you are finding the fish we just had to add them. Thanks keep the info coming and photos of your catch is always great. Luremaker BLL
  5. Ben As far as I know If you have a pole in your hand you most have a license ,Some c.o have gone as far as ticketing some people even holding and netting the fish. I have seen this happen in one of our state parks at the end of the season with the run. The 17year dose not have to have one if they are with a parent. luremaker
  6. Dave Glad you had a good night ,I believe with the way you have been fishing the patriot, we will have to add it to our line up this year, unless you buy them all up. Thanks for the help on this one, you have did a great job. Send me some on water photos so we can add it to the web. luremaker
  7. Jon I would do a full rebuilt , I have rebuilt alot of motors in my days , If you just do a bottom rebuilt the top end will need to be rebuilt in a few years and you will have to go and pull the motor again and in the long run may cost you more then the rebuilt. I sent you a pm on someone I have used and will always use . And he loves fishing . luremaker
  8. Nice job nick on the report. hope you got photos ,you know that can be posted as the biggest catch ,by you LOL Got your text late Sorry have to pass on the ride will make it out with you one of these days. Thanks for asking
  9. I would rebuild it and have a fresh one for years to come luremaker
  10. jon Any idea on how many hrs are on this motor? And did it run well before this happened? If the motor ran strong last season I would start with the oil pan and pull the rod and main cap ,first mark each one in order 1-? and only on one side ,the mains and rod cap have to go on the same way they came off.You may be able to just have a spun bearing and get by with crank work.If you are going to have it rebuilt ,you can email me if you like I have a good friend that builds pro motors for all apps and is well known around the holland zeeland area.He has beat any price around on rebuilds from start to finish or if you want to put it together he does that too. luremaker
  11. Dave

    Shot your spoons tonight ,If they are dry by thur night you can pick them up.



  12. I would call great Lakes prop out of Grand haven ,The people that run this shop are unbelievable, I have seen them take a new prop out of the box and tune it in to scream on my 150 ,And I know he could give you or tell you what to run on the boat for what you want to do with it. Great people and fast , I won't take my prop anywhere else .Only had a few props worked on in my days but these guys have always did the best work on repair and pricing . Luremaker
  13. I agree with Tony try to tap on the starter with a hammer but don't beat the heck out of it. And turn the key at the same time, but don't do it to many times it should only take a few taps ,if that does not do it then take off the starter. while doing this make sure the pos cable by the stater don't get too hot. You can also take the plugs out, take a clothes pin and number 1-4 starting in the front and working your way hook it to each book so you don't mess up the order putting them back on .Or you can take a socket and breaker bar and turn it over at the crank bolt.unhook the battery first. luremaker
  14. Try lakeview marine john works on alot of the older outboards and is very good at what he does.24 South Beechtree Street Grand Haven, Michigan (616) 842-2770 luremaker
  15. I would have to agree with what has been said . The biggest turn off is the guys that say they will help push your name just to get a hand full of free stuff. I have met alot of great people out there and I have handed out a lot of spoons and flies ,do i get replies back from them ??? well it's 50/50 but the handful that do post and send photos ,really do a service for me by just using my name and the promoting the products that we sell. A lot of the time I just send things out the just to be tested ,colors patterns and so on , I would love to fish 24/7 but I can't and I know the guys out there put there best effort out there for me. luremaker
  16. Thanks

    Have a Happy easter

  17. I agree with Nailer is it worth the 5,500 to fix it??? But on the other hand if you can turn a wrench and have a few free weekends you will save a ton of money, I have bought a few boats with bad floors stringers and froozen or cracked blocks and spent the time putting them back together. I have a few good friends that builds motors so for me a pro fresh rebuilt will cost me 1500 and for me to drop it in is not big deal, and the local marina will drop it in for 75 and hook and fire it for a extra 75 ,so that cuts the cost down right there,with the outdrives I do what I can and the marine do what I can't ,they figure a little money doing part of the job is better then no job or money at all. luremaker
  18. I only use uv lites to charge them up it make a big difference and when we paint them we only use uv lighting so we can see that we covered the hole spoon and it has a smooth cover over it before we put the finish coat on it. luremaker
  19. I use my own spoons Big Lake lures I do like others but put all my time into our brand so that we can keep on making new patterns and better glos
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