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  1. Fished straight out from the light house in 110-135 ft or water. Landed three lakers all about 10 lbs. 2 were on 300 copper with a kevorkian mag spoon and 1 on a green and white spin and glow 10 ft off the bottom. We lost one on a 5 color lead, one on a 3 color lead and one on a dipsy with a meat rig. Pretty sure the three we lost were silver. All in all it was a good day on the water.
  2. We fished on 6-6 straight out from the trailer park. We started in 50 ft of water and worked out to 75 with no hits. We then went shallower in 40-55 ft and had a hit on 3 colors of lead on a orange spoon. Then had another hit and get off on 150 ft of copper. We lost 4 fish total but landed a coho and laker. Coho came on a bomber off a board and a nice laker on a dipsy 50 ft back. all the lures had orange and silver on them. Lots of bugs for us but smooth as glass. Besides a hit on the copper all the fish hit in the top 20 ft of water.
  3. We went north and circled back south. We stayed north of the harbor and hit the fish between the trailer park and forester. I also will be headed up to Harbor beach also. Dont know if I will be fishing the Can2Can yet.
  4. We went out in the morning hoping to repeat the day we had on 5-5 and were met with some rain showers. We were not catching fish where we did the day before. It was a long time before we got into some fish. We got to Forester and hit a 8.5 lb lake trout in 22 ft of water on a rigger with a magnum Bluberry / Kevorkian hybrid ( I think thats the name ). We then turned around and went back through that same area. We changed to a purple pink bomber on a board and hooked a 7lb king in about 20 ft of water. That was it for the day. It did warm up and stop raining but it was a long day on the water with little or no action. Although it could have been worse we could have trolled all day with nothing !!!
  5. We caught two steel head one 5 lbs and the other 7.5 lbs out in 40 ft of water. We were using a Brook Trout Bomber and a silver black challenger. 80 ft behind an inline board. We also caught a coho on an orange headed gold bomber in 30 ft of water. Then a 8 lb laker close to the bottom on a magnum orange crush in 35 ft of water. We had a good day. Hfitch we were in the light green Trophy Pro and King Chaser was in the Starcraft.
  6. Nice job Jason we only took one fish on a spoon and the rest were on thin fin, bomber, and fish stalkers. The colors appeared to be orange gold combos and fire tiger combos. We lost 4 fish also that day.
  7. Went north out of the harbor set lines right away. Water was real dirty in front of the harbor. As we went north we found cleaner water in about 23-27 ft of water. Shortly there after we landed a coho. Then we had a double header with cohos. Been awhile since I had a double header. We fished until about 1 pm and landed 7 cohos and a laker. Nice to see the silver fish in the area. We fished the same spot about 2 yrs ago and landed 4 lakers and two silver fish. Things appear to be turning around for us east siders. At the dock there was alot of great fish caught. That makes it in 4 trips 16 cohos, one 15 pound king, and one lake trout. I could not be happier !!
  8. Thanks Grant maybe I will stick to Sanilac or Lexington. We caught some fish down there before all the bad weather including a 15 pound King south of Lexington Harbor.
  9. Anyone hear anything out of Harbor Beach ?? Thinking of heading up there for a day this week.
  10. just bought some more the other day Andersons Pro Bait in Port huron had a good stock.
  11. We fished south of the Lexington Harbor on Wednesday 4-13 and caught a 15 lb king and a coho. We then moved to the north side of the harbor and caught another coho. They were all in less then 13 ft of water.
  12. Hopefully the island will provide you with some more luck. Good luck Bob we havent been skunked out there yet this year !!! let me know how you do.
  13. Quit posting. Obviously you dont know diddly about salmon fishing. Bobber O' ROCKS!

  14. Fished Frankfort on Thursday night 9-2-10 down at the Herring Hole went 3 for 5. Orange Crush on 10 colors of lead, green ladder back silver horde on lead, and mooshine orange, green, yellow 95 ft down on east side of the hole.
  15. We are heading there on the 2nd and 3rd of September. Frankfort is a great port and we do real good there everytime we go.
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