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  1. Heres my weekend fishing report from rainy St. Joe: Fishing has been very good in 45 to 60ft. of water and you will notice most of the charters working this area, but it got pretty packed so I went headed deep. I did very well a bit north of the pier heads in 80 to 100ft. of water with 85 to 90 being the best. Bounced around on Friday night for a bit and went 5 for 10, pretty rough. I went 15 for 25 Saturday evening (an absolute blast) in the deeper water and 8 for 12 Sunday mid afternoon after the storms. Russ in the Fin Nailer was the only other boat I saw with everyone else working tight. Thanks again to Russ for the pointers, its amazing how the little things are so important. Most of the fish were Kings to 17lbs. with Lakers and Steel mixed in. Here is what worked: Dipsy (All 4 were standard walker deeper divers black) left side high: wire out 150 set 2 1/2 low: braid out 90 set 1 1/2 right side high: braid out 150 set 2 low: wire out 90 set 1 crush glow blue bubble spinny with blue bubble fly (one on each side) crush glow mountain dew spinny with pickled sunshine fly (one on each side) Riggers (44 degrees at center rigger on the probe): left pearl white hoochie and mirage fly back 25ft. down 45 ft. Middle: clean mag modified blue dolphin back 30ft. down 60 to 70. (this spoon was hot) Right: small green ladder back j-plug back 20ft. down 50 to 55ft. Full Core with white hoochie and little boy blue 1/2 core with d orange crush. Others: frosted mixed veggies pearl white dodger and mirage Tin Cans and green crinkle horse fly Lemon Lime stingers Hope this helps. Juggernaut 27ft. Sportcraft Offshore Pier 33 St. Joesph, MI
  2. I know this is way too late but I fished St. Joe the same day and sent 6 for 8 in 60 to 90 fow. I started inside the pack in 55 fow and started to mark huge balls of bait right away. Worked waypoints from the day before and picked away at them from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Riggers 30 to 57ft. down and black dipsy's. Mixed Veggies was key. DW bloody nose on the dispey set 1 out 90 took 3 fish. DW green Dolphin and Stinger Silver with Green stripe also took fish. fished opti dodgers and spin doctors with flies with no bites. In fact I could'nt get a bite on a dodger/flasher fly all weekend with speed tolerant flashers/dodgers. good luck
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