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  1. Problem with your current setup is that the full core and 300' of 32lb copper are basically the same rod. Yes, the copper will go a little deeper, but not that much. Focus on getting adding stuff to your arsenal that will diversify your spread. Normally, I'd suggest adding a 300' of 45lb copper, but we haven't had to fish that deep this year. You may want to go with some shorter segments of copper or a 5 or 7 color leadcore. If you are going for the 300' 45 Cu, are probably looking at a minimum of $125 for the rig, including backer, Cu, rod, reel, etc. That would be a minimum with the cheapest rod/reel combo, you can easily spend $100+ on just the reel. Okuma Classic Pro GLT copper/core rods with stainless guides are a pretty nice value, we just added them to our spread this year. You can find them for $35-40. You don't have to break the bank on a rod, but if you have the cash, spend it on the reel IMO.
  2. Too bad it has been out of commission since July 14...they seem to be having a lot of issues with it.
  3. If you are using fresh salmon that has been diced up, what is the best method to cook the salmon? I assume it is pre-cooked before adding it to the chowder. (sorry if I missed it and it was already asked in the thread)
  4. We have 4 riggers on our boat, and they continue to be our best producer by far. Sure we catch fish on copper, lead, and dipseys...but riggers still outshine the rest. If they aren't working for you, keep changing things up to get them to fire.
  5. If you know anyone by the name of Jeff K or are a Jeff K in the flesh, and they/you lost something out on the big pond recently, send me a PM. I have the last name but forgot exactly what it is, it's long and polish looking name ...I'll try to get it up here asap. Mods, if this isn't the correct spot, feel free to move...figured it would get the most attention here.
  6. I'm pretty sure when most guys refer to a SWR, it is a 2 or 3 color leadcore. Most use a 2 color, but 3's are becoming more popular now too.
  7. Quite the mixed bag right there! Not many places where you can put all of those species in the same box, on the same day.
  8. Nice video Jeff! Nothing beats a hectic king attack on your spread!
  9. I highly doubt a food bank would accept a fish that was deemed unsafe to eat by the state. Skin the fish, remove any dark/fatty areas, don't eat the belly area, eat in moderation....I don't think they'll kill ya if you insist eating on eating them.
  10. Thanks for the link, I've never seen that before. Going to have to try it out.
  11. You may want to familiarize yourself with possession limits. I'm not calling you out, just trying to save you some potential hassle with the law. It's not a good idea to be stating that you have 800 walleye in your freezer on a public forum, unless of course you live with 54 other people... Good work on the fish, limits have been easy to come by based on all the reports I'm hearing.
  12. Nice work on the fish, Adam. The bay gave up a TON of fish over the holiday weekend. I'd say 99% of the boats I talked to had their limit. We were one of the 1% who didn't, we stopped at 17 because the 2 kids we had on board had enough of the heat. What a great fishery we have.
  13. Is it really a good idea to be littering the bay with a bunch of milk jugs and clorox bottle buoys? I hope you intend to go around and collect all of them up. We pick up all kinds of junk like that out there. It could cause a lot of trouble for someone if they don't see it in time and the line gets caught in their prop. Doesn't seem like a good idea to me, and if it's not illegal, it should be. Good work on the fish turbotwist/ralph!
  14. 20-30' of 25-30lb mono. You'll want to avoid fluoro and braid for leaders for your core/copper rigs IMO. You want to have something that will give/stretch a little bit for the ferocious king strikes. Also remember that fluoro sinks, mono floats...each one will give you a different presentation as well.
  15. Nice fish....however, I'd put the big fish at about 15lbs, TOPS. Those darn pictures just mess up a good ole fish story...
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