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  1. Love that your getting your kids out there, nice buck jim.
  2. I bet he can't sleep thinking about that one, great pic.
  3. This map does not look correct, is this the office location maybe? Always thought it was east of 31 and Douglas, Tower Marine was fine this year, just dont go straight across the lake, the buoys mark the way out well.
  4. Welcome, good bunch of people here willing to help.
  5. Thanks mike went Friday and set up around 70fow and headed out to 110 with nothing going, trolled in and hit the pier heads, not much happening. Headed home today. Hope you find them tomorrow, see you out there in the spring. Thanks for your help
  6. Taking the boat to St Joe, I usually dont fish there this time of year but if the boats there I might as well fish. Has anyone been out or have any tips from those who fish down there? I will be in a White/Green Four Winns cuddy, usually monitor 68.
  7. Welcome Dave, I have been to your clinic with Keating, learned a ton!
  8. Do you guys stick the 2nd hook through the strip or just let the hooks fly loose?
  9. I agree, paying a few dollars now can save you thousands. That was a well built boat in its day but a survey will be a must before you move forward. Happy boat shopping, exciting times!
  10. Nice mark, I saw all those boats in tight on the webcam.
  11. Thanks for the report Mark, love that you are getting new people out to enjoy our sport. I try to introduce a few newbies to salmon fishing each year.
  12. So sorry for the loss of your brother, your autopilot will always be by your side when you are on the water or in your treestand.
  13. New limits this year, love it! Thanks for the report.
  14. Sounds like a good project boat, put it up on this site before he parts it out.
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