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  1. Great morning fishing, went 13 for 14. 10 kings and 3 coho. Set lines at 7.30 done around 11:30. 2 miles north of the pier in 110 FOW, best water was 125 to 135. Everything worked today but the 225 copper with stinger mixed veggie was the hot lure, then braid dipsy out 250 on 1 with green spinny and siggs rig green fly. Green spoons on full core, rigger at 65, SWR at 100, and 300 copper all taking fish. Had a first time fisherman in the boat today, I think he is hooked, didn't even lose a fish. Good times, get out there!
  2. Good job ed, will be out Sunday morning give me a call on 68 if your out.
  3. Who needs fishing when your boy is smiling like that, your a good man Heckman!
  4. Love it Mike, you should be so proud!
  5. Dave, what size Big Al flasher do you run with your spoons? Never ran anything but clean spoons, this looks like it was hot for you.
  6. Thanks for the report, hope to get out this weekend.
  7. Looks like a great time with the boys Mike
  8. Nice jim, good to know where to take a fish if I get a big one like that, how did you freeze it?
  9. Terry, it has been great reading your reports, I read your set-up from last year in early october and it produced well for us last weekend. That was my first time out in the fall and boy was it a blast. Way to end up a great year!!
  10. Great story thanks for sharing, can't wait for those moments with my kids.
  11. Great work, always fun getting a new guy hooked up.
  12. I have done well mid to late afternoon this year, what port are you fishing out of??
  13. Good looking morning, and some fish as an added bonus!
  14. Nice job, we went 4 for 7 last night in south haven. Thanks to whomever it was that let me use their knife at the cleaning station. My father-in-law bought me a "salmon knife" and it was way too small for those big kings.....can't bring myself to buy the right one. By the way someone it that group took my brothers long yellow rain coat, wondering if we could get that back. Spoons and Flasher/Flys, green colors, 110fow, mostly north. Great Flat night!
  15. It is so nice to find the fish with the family on board, good work captain! How late did you fish?
  16. Good work getting a few in the boat before the storm.
  17. Thanks guys, we went north and fished 80-110 fow, found fish at 105 and only 105 seemed to work. Ended up 4-4 with nice size kings, 2 on green SD with green fly off dipsy set back at 150, one on SWR down 70 with green spoon, one on full core with green spoon. Nice night out.
  18. Will be out tonight in South Haven, thinking about heading north, will be in green & white Four Winns on 68, if anyone else is out I would like to team up on finding the fish after this blow. Any suggestions on a starting point??? If anyone wants to chime in here please do.
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