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  1. fished St.Joe Friday 9.00till3:00.Caught 10 lost several.Fished south near the chalets on the 10-17foot break. Red and black thinfins and orange rapalas were the best,2.0mph.Found a small pod of cohos and just kept circling.The water was flat as glass can't ask for a better day.
  2. too much pack ice to fish Port Sheldon,so we took the little lund to So. haven.Fished ten till three caught 4 lost 2 all browns.to much pack there also to get out of the harbor.All the bites came on chrome shad raps.A better day is coming but all in all this one was not bad.
  3. The clock starts at the time they were to go.I try to contact them the day befor ,or when 15 mins. late.I'll wait an hour at the boat max.A no show looses his deposit an pays full price in advance the next time around.Our seasons are too short to miss days on the water.
  4. That super size pump sounds like quite a piece of equipment.You might want to check it's amp draw.It won't help you when your batteries are dead.
  5. I've used a small diamond hone from smokey mtn. knife co. Thery are not too expensive, an have lasted for years. I also sharpen a knife style cutting edge to the bard side of the point. Seems to work for me.
  6. In late summer I'll run paddel an fly deepest.but the early bite till monday was on plugs.The fish don't follow the rules,dem dirty buggers
  7. no body better than Tuna ask about his own drag package
  8. It has never made much differance in my catch,but I have had trouble getting some fish to the net after dark.
  9. ,I agree f.f.deep one on each outandown. Don't. Be afraid to run them on your divers but you will have to exprement Vifu
  10. I think to put 1000 ft of wire on a reel is not nessary.Load the first reel backwards.put on 500 ft of 40# wire 300yards of 50#fireline or the like,fill the reel up with 50#mono.wind.now you know how much mono to put under the wire and backing.wind onto the 2nd reel. and load the first again correctly using the same amounts.
  11. would someone please put up a post when the lake trout show up around the break walls.I havn't fished them in years from the piers it used to be the best pier fishing I ever saw.
  12. Many years ago I bought a boat that was detailed by the marina workers.they waxed the deck.Many falls slips and the like before it wore off.scrub with era laundry soap and bleach,power wash off and on to get up the scales that do not scrub off
  13. bead chain works the best but I stayed with two hooks
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