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  1. NO fish at the steeples but we did find some nice fish on the south side of big charity island 8 to 12 ft of water using hot&tots (they didnt want the meat) . We got five 4 to 5- lbs fish then we had engine problems right when we were dialing them in but all in all it was a fun day on the lake
  2. We are heading out on the jolly rancher for the whole weekend we are starting at the steeples and then we will see from there were we go:thumb:
  3. thanks everyone for the info we had boat & health problems this past weekend so we didnt even get out. We will be out Thrusday thru Sunday this week so hopefully we can put some on ice.
  4. Thanks P-1 do the fish suspend higher that normal & how tight should I get to the structure
  5. I'm going to be fishing sagnaw bay for the next to weeks I have some good spots around big charity island BUT I have never fished the steeples if any of you could just give some info about fishing out there I would return the favor with some lake STclair or lake Erie INFO. thanks
  6. I have never fished the steeples before & I'm just looking for some tips on how its done
  7. had ok day started at 10:00am finished around 3, east wind made it tuff 4 nice keepers on meat in 14ft.The bite was real light you had to watch your rod tips at one point we had 6 fish on all at the same time but 4 were dinks. I'm heading down to lake erie for a couple of weeks good luck everyone
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