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  1. Setup in 60 FOW this morning and started getting bites in 110. Fished 110-130 all morning and ended up 9 for 12. Fish were around 6-8 pounds. Setups that worked below: - 200' 45# Copper with BLL UV Mixed Veggies - 250' 45# Copper with SS Lemonberry Mag - 300' 45# Copper with Blue/Green Dolphin Mag - 7 Color Core with Jawbreaker regular - Rigger with Nitro NBK down 130' - Free slider on the above rigger with BLL Modified Veggies Pic of the catch And the new vessel
  2. Good job avoiding the skunk. Sounds like we got lucky to come across some fish on Tuesday night. We caught all of 'em going through the same waypoint over and over. They must have been in a small pocket of water out there in the middle of nowhere.
  3. What a great night to end the year. Water was 46 degrees in tight so we motored out to 190 FOW before finding 54 degree water. Setup there and trolled out to 300 before marking any fish. Finally caught our first out there and that's where we stayed the rest of the night. Successful setups listed below: 300' 45# Copper w/ Mag Blue Green Dolphin (1 Laker and 1 miss) 250' 45# Copper w/ Mag Carmel Dolphin (1 steel) 3 Color w/ standard DOC (2 steel, 1 released for next year) Rigger at 55' w/ Mag Miami Dolphin (1 King) Rigger at 100' w/ Stinger Nitro NBK (1 King) Rigger at 70' free slider w/ Stinger Nitro Area 51 (1 king) 9 Color core w/ standard Jager Bomb w/ orange and white glow tape added (1 steel) Dipsy on 3 back 180' with Mich. Sportsman BTI SUV and BW UV Mirage Fly (1 king) Dipsy on 3 back 180' with MD Spinny and mirage fly (1 Miss)
  4. Thanks for the report. I got a buddy coming in from Denver tonight and took tomorrow off to try to put him on some kings. Looks like I'll be confined to MKG lake based on the marine forecast. Hopefully there's still a few around to show him a good time.
  5. Hey Jacob,

    Glad it helped. Your report from 8/31 is what sent me out there. That night we fished from 70 to 130 but mostly inside of 100, only caught 3 and you tore them up in 140. I was expecting younger fish but it turned out some 4 yr olds moved back out with the warm up. I just saw you caught a bunch jigging yesterday, way to go, I can't imagine how much fun that was.

  6. The amount of info available on here is invaluable. This website and and paying close attention on two trips on Fishsniffer's boat (You're the man Don ) have increased my catches 4 fold.
  7. Thanks to all who answered my questions about Mountain Dew spinnies. It paid off in spades tonight. Ended 14 for about 20 from 100 FOW out to 150 and back into 90. White blade MD spinnies/white crush glow tape with Mirage flies took probably half the fish. On high diver 200' back, 250' 45# copper, rigger at various depths best was 75' down at sunset. Blue/green dolphin mag. on 250' 45# copper took a king and the laker we released. Flounder pounder mag on 9 color core took the steel and a king. Michigan sportsman SUV BTI with BW UV Mirage took two. Happee meal on rigger took a couple of hits at the end of the night. Very fun evening, what a blur.
  8. Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate all the great info.
  9. Looking for a little help here guys. I see mountain dew flashers reported all the time on here and I've bought 4 or so over the years. Anytime I fish them, they seem to be repellents more than attractors. So, would somebody mind sharing what color scheme works for you? There seems to be a number of them. i.e. white blade/chrome blade, mountain dew tape on one side/both sides, white crush glow tape on the other side? Thanks!
  10. 125 FOW was the hot ticket tonight. Went 6 for 8. Succesful setups below: The catches 5 color with Nitro Napalm (3 lb. king released) 7 color with Nitro Area 51 (2 fish) 250' 45# Copper with standard Blue/Green Dolphin 250' 45# Copper with standard Hello Darlin Dipsy on 2.5 120' back with John King 10" SUV flasher and Big Weenie UV Mirage fly (this setup looks amazing in the water) The misses 200' 45# Copper with SS Panty Ho Mag Nitro NBK on rigger 65' down with a Stinger size Nitro NBK free slider The fish had some full bellies with some nice mag size minnows.
  11. Decided to ignore the radar and setup in 80 FOW at around 5 PM and trolled out to 190 FOW before anything went. Missed our two fish out there on SS smurf regular fixed 20' above the ball that was 70' down and on a SS Kevorkian regular on a 7 color core. On the troll back in, Nitro NBK down 40' on the rigger took a 17 lb. king in 180 FOW. Then had a double in 100'. One on wire diver on 2.5, 120' back tipped with a regular Moonshine Raspberry Carbon and the other on 250' 45# copper with regular blue/green dolphin spoon. 2.8 GPS speed. All fish again had empty stomachs.
  12. Set in 90 FOW at 6:30 and trolled west. First hit came on rigger 90' down with Nitro NBK in 180 FOW. Fish was a steelhead that immediately came to the surface under the diver and pitched the hook. Changed out the STBD rigger to Flounder pounder mag 75' down with a regular flounder pounder fixed slider 8' up and the slider took a fish within 5 minutes. Headed in for sunset and took two fish in 110 FOW. One on blue/green dolphin regular on 250' 45# Copper and one on Nitro Area 51 on 300' 45# Copper. GPS speed of 3.1. All 3 were nice size fish with very empty stomachs.
  13. I fish out of Mona Lake and this year has been very inconsistent for me. I'm hoping it's going to start improving anytime now. Thanks for the report.
  14. 5 for 9 tonight, 4 Kings (2 small released), 1 steelhead. Fished 9 rod spread from 130 out to 210 and back into 100 before all lines were pulled. Set first rigger with Mag. Miami Dolphin on bottom and Mini on a fixed slider 8' above and went to set the second rigger and there was already a fish on the Mini within 5 minutes of starting to set lines. No best depth to speak of, caught fish in 130, 150, 180, 200, 210. At least the bite is picking up it seems. Baits that got hit: SS Miami Dolphin Mini on slider rigger at 75 200' 45# Copper Mag. Pro King Mirage Spoon with Green/White Glow Tape 11" White Paddle with Oceana Fly Braid Dipsy 2 setting 180' back Blue/Yellow Dolphin Mag. Rigger 110' deep Happee meal 160' down in 150 FOW (14 lb. King) 250' 45# Copper MS Cyclonite Mag (10 lb. Steelhead) 250' 45# Copper NBK JP Slammer (2 hits) 300' 45# Copper Blue/Green Dolphin Mag.
  15. That's an awesome chromer. I was excited about a 10 pounder we got tonight but 18 and change is incredible.
  16. They were actually homemade Miami Dolphins. Took Dreamweaver Jager Bombs and added glow tape because I couldn't find any real Miami Dolphins in town. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/1/8/7/2/photo.jpg' alt='photo.jpg'>IMG]
  17. Fished from 50 FOW to 125 FOW in some pretty big waves. Ended 7 for 7 with 3 small fish being released. The four kings we kept were 10-12 lbs. Best depth was 110-120. All fish finally had some bait in them, nice magnum spoon sized alwives. Successful setups below: Blue/Yellow Dolphin mag spoon 100' down on rigger (2 fish) Miami Dolphin regular fixed slider 8' above the ball at 55' (1 fish) MS Cyclonite on 250' 45# copper (2 fish) SS Orange Glow Egg regular on 5 color lead (big fish of the evening) SS Super Screw mag on 200' 45# copper (1 fish)
  18. I've been doing decent lately and I was 1 for 3 out of Muskegon on Sunday morning. We fished from 40 FOW out to 200 FOW and just couldn't get anything going. I checked my records and the same exact thing happened last year, had been doing well and on June 5th got skunked. Last year it seemed like a 1 trip flukey thing so here's to hoping for the same this year!
  19. Setup in 45 FOW at 6AM marking a lot of fish. Had three hits in this depth and only boated one fish. This bite slowed quickly and we worked out to 100-120 FOW where we picked away at them slowly for the next 3 hours. Ended up 8 for 10 with 7 kings and 1 laker. Big fish might have went 12 lbs. Setups that took fish: Blue/Yellow Dolphin Mag rigger at 65 (2) Fish and (2) Misses Green/White Glow Spinny (White Blade) Green/white fly, Dipsy at 120' (2) Fish SS Hot Lobster Regular on free slider Rigger at 80 (1) Fish Blue Bubble Flasher/Fly: Dipsy at 180' (1) Fish 250' 45# Cu w/ NBK JP Slammer (1) Fish 300' 45# Cu w/ NBK JP Slammer (1) Fish
  20. After catching a nice 15 pound king on Tuesday night (55 FOW), I thought we could find a couple nice ones tonight after a little warm up. Well, it was a gorgeous night, not a ripple, thought it should be perfect, but the fish didn't agree. Trolled a 10 rod spread from 30 FOW out to 120 FOW with nothing to show, turned around and trolled back in to 55 FOW where we finally picked up an 8 lb. King on a 3 color core with Stingray size Tangerine spoon. Marked nothing except from 70-55 FOW on the way back in. Surface temp was 54 degrees. Maybe should have run up or down to one of the river plumes to look for fish. Fished what I felt like was a very solid spread from history, 2 riggers, 2 dipsies, 6 cores, 3 coppers as we got deeper, just couldn't find them. Not a great report but hopefully it will help someone make a decision for the weekend.
  21. As soon as there's an open launch and a few less big white chunks floating around out there, I'm game. I need some 50 degree weather like now, I'm starting to lose it a bit. You can only look at the same 50 pictures from last season so many times, you know?
  22. Hey guys. I'm by no means well versed in brown fishing but I've done it a bit (mostly to combat the cabin fever from winter I'm experiencing right now.) Last spring we caught 4 browns, all about 4 lbs. on an evening trip March 23 right in front of Mona Lake. We fished 6 planer boards with clean long lines (no leadcore or anything) behind the boards 75-150'. Effective lures for Browns in Muskegon for me have been jointed Rapalas (J9s) in blue/silver, orange/gold/white, clown, & brown trout. We try to target our boards over the second and third sandbar troughs. In other words, the boat is in about 5 feet of water but the boards are off to the sides in deeper water. Again, I don't have a ton of experience but this is what worked for me. Good Luck!
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