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  1. Set in at 5:45 AM in 50 FOW. Caught fish from 70 to 90 nearly non-stop for the first 2 hours. Then later in the 110-120 range. Ended up 11 for 17. Lost three right at the back of the boat just out of net range. Free sliders were busy this morning. Setups that worked: Dipsy 125 back on 3 setting w/ SS green dolphin reg (2 hits) Dipsy 105 back on 3 setting w/ Flintstone mixed veggie mag (2 hits) Free slider on rigger at 60 w/ DW Captain Gary Mich. Dolphin reg (3 hits) Free slider on rigger at 80 w/ Nitro Wonder Bread (4 hits) 250 Copper w/ DW blue/green dolphin mag (3 hits) Full core with DW glow frog reg (3 hits) The fishing is a blast right now. -Mark
  2. My brother-in-law and I caught 4 browns tonight trolling the sandbars near Mona Lk. Rapalas 100' behind boards in clown jointed, blue silver jointed, and brown trout floater took fish. All on a 2.2 MPH GPS south troll going with the chop from the north. Good to get back out there.
  3. Haha...I did still manage to get a pic even without my camera.
  4. The 11" Paddle w/ oceana fly was 210' back on a 3 setting dipsy and that took our third fish
  5. Well I didn't catch 18 but I'll post anyway. We landed 3, lost two other hookups, and missed about 4 other releases (3 for 9:mad:) in 115 FOW. Setups that took hits were: Mother of pearl J-Plug down 90' on rigger (4 hits, 1 landed) Green Spatter Back Silver Horde Plug on full copper (2 hits, 1 landed) 11" DW Pearl Fishscale with Oceana fly (1 hit) Blue Bubble flash/fly on full core with 3 oz. dive bomb (1 hit) 11" DW Pearl Fishscale with pickle sunshine fly down 120' on rigger (1 hit) GPS Speed of 2.4 all night. Fish were about 5, 8, and 15 lbs. Hope you hook 'em up better than I did tonight.
  6. Picked up 16 fish in 3 trips over the last three days. My best depth of water was 160-180 and the trips were all sort of slow. The fish didn't seem to be too interested in spoons. The "highlight" of the three trips was the 15# laker we caught this morning. I've never seen one this big. Do they usually get this big around here?
  7. I'm with Just Hookin'. I had this happen to me too. Car stunk for years til I sold it. Nothing I did helped.
  8. Picked up 5 and lost one at the net tonight. All hits came in 130-150 FOW. Most fish were right on bottom until sunset then picked up a couple down ~35'. Rigs that worked were Northern King Mag Blue Dolphin Spoon on bottom (3 hits), 11" pearl fishscale Coyote paddle with pickled sunshine fly (1), Blue bubble flash/fly (1), and DreamWeaver NBK spoon (1). Pretty avg. fish but lots of fun still!
  9. Ended 4 for 7 tonight. Lost one at the net. Set in 90 FOW at 7:30PM and went out to 130. All hits came right around 115. Successful setups below: - DW NBK on a free slider, ball set 90 feet down (3 Hits) - Lemon Ice spoon 90 down on rigger (1 hit) - Blue Bubble flasher fly Dipsy on 3 setting back 165' (2 hits) - Pearl fishscale Coyote paddle with Oceana fly Dipsy on 3 setting back 180' (1 hit) Most hits were at or after sunset. Glad the fishing is picking up.
  10. 1 for 3 tonight (6# Coho) in 75 FOW. Lots of boats in this depth tonight. Rigs that took hits were a DW NBK on a free slider with the ball at 70 and an 11" white paddle with a green fly 240 back on dipsy set on 3, lost the paddle and fly:mad:. Still pretty slow all in all.
  11. We went 9 for 11 or so on Friday but released 3 of them. Good spoons were DW Blue Dolphin, Natural Born Killer, Double Orange Crush, and Stinger Tangerine. Couple hits on flies on the dipsies. Fished from 85 FOW out to about 220. Didn't get anything inside of 110. On Saturday the Northeast wind kept me out of the deep water and I noticed some marks in 30 FOW. We setup at around 5:30 AM and within an hour boated two nice 16 pounders. Blue Dolphin and NBK on riggers again. Couldn't believe the big ones were so shallow.
  12. That profile name puts the ass in class

  13. This report stings a little as my first but I thought I'd share anyway. 1 for 5 tonight from 100 to 120 FOW off Mona Lake. Fish bit on blue Fishcatcher with white glow tape and blue bubble fly, 150 back on a Dipsy (3 setting) and 55 down on a rigger. 2 fish bit on a large pearl coyote paddle with green fly 180 back on a Dipsy (3 setting). 1 bite on a double orange crush on a 3 color core. Trolling 2.2-2.5 on GPS, all bites on an East troll. Hope we keep more hooked next time!
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