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  1. Well we got the boat launched last night with no issues at all. The boat floated off the trailer before the end of the launch ramp docks. I did check it out with waders before i dropped the boat in and got myself in trouble. Depth finder was reading between 5 and 8 feet as we pulled away from the launch. Shallowest spot was about 100 yds from the launch, like Dave said. I was showing .9 feet but that's from the bottom of our hull. Didn't make it all the way out to the big lake last night cuz the wind was blowing pretty hard but will update again after we fish this AM.
  2. Frank, I might look into that. You think that launch is deep enough for a 240 Sundancer? I need at least 2', maybe a little more. What kind of launch fee do they have there?
  3. So you think I'd have trouble with my 24' Sundancer then? I think I could clear 3' of water without issue.
  4. Here's the response I received from NB Recreation Dept: Ok, there shouldn't be any problem. As for the launch ramp, we added large stone at the end of it to fill in the drop off that was created due to the low water levels. Boats your size should not have any trouble. At least I hope that's the case. Matt: Any info from your friend?
  5. Did they give any indication when it would be available for purchase through their site or in stores?
  6. Awesome thank you. Any info is much appreciated.
  7. Haha, SeaRay published draft for my boat is 20". 4" of clearance sounds like more than enough for me (or at least it'll make for a good story)!
  8. Yeah I figured nothing would be done before I was down there, just curious if anyone familiar with the harbor knew if it'd be functional as is, for my size boat.
  9. I thought about Michigan City but I would need to get an Indiana license if I launched from there right?
  10. Cool thanks a lot. Anybody know if the NB launch/harbor are functional?
  11. I planned on targeting the river plume for sure. This picture shows the chalkiness/murkiness I'm concerned about. http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.cgi/modis?region=m&page=3&template=subℑ=t1.13067.1622.LakeMichigan.143.250m.jpg
  12. I'm going to be in New Buffalo the weekend of 4/5 and I want to bring the boat and try my hand at some coho down there, which I've never done before. Does anyone know what kind of shape the NB launch and/or harbor is in with the low water? My boat's a 240 Sundancer. Also, looking at current satellite images, it looks like the skinny water is pretty stirred up and murky down there. If it's still like that when I'm down there, should I plan to run offshore or will I still find fish in the chalky water? Hoping we get some type of warmup before then so I'm not fishing in 35 degree water...thanks in advance!
  13. Yeah that. I think I replaced two or three of these last summer off 300 coppers.
  14. I put the 19 strand torpedo wire on the same exact setups you're talking about except with twilli tips on the rods. After a couple of weeks I noticed a lot fraying buildup on the levelwind guide of the reel. I think the friction of the eyelets was chewing up the wire. I switched to rollers rods and have not seen the issue since. Don't know if it was the twilli tips or what, but just wanted to share my experience.
  15. Well the fishing seems to have really improved, just in time for the big waves this weekend. We fished 110 FOW tonight going 7 for 12 (had some newbs on the boat). All nice big kings. -UV paddles (clear and white) 120 back on high divers -UV white paddle 90' down on rigger -Green Splatterback Ace Hi 250 45# Copper -Blue Splatterback Ace Hi 250 45# Copper -Blue Mylar Ace Hi 200 45# Copper -Blue Dolphin Mag on rigger 80' down If you can make it out tomorrow night before the blow, I'd try to make it happen!
  16. As far as lengths go, when using 8" spin doctor types, I try to have the leader be about 2.5 times the length of the blade (~20"). If it's an 11" paddle style I go at least 3-3.5 times the length of the blade (33-38"). I think some people fish these even a little bit longer than that.
  17. I keep a pretty detailed log of my setups that catch fish. This year's percentages are below. Fishing without copper would mean A LOT less fish for me. Copper: 46% Riggers: 31% Divers: 14% Core: 9%
  18. I have no complaints about the boat Don. It's been working great (knock on wood) since I had the carb rebuilt this Spring because it wouldn't idle.
  19. Fished last night in some large waves, somehow ended up 10 for 10. Caught fish from 60 to 115 FOW, with 90' seeming to be the best. Was only able to get 5 or 6 lines set at a time due to the heavy seas. Trolled mainly east and west at around 2.8 SOG, otherwise we'd have been taking them over the bow. Setups that worked are below: - Happee Meal on rigger near bottom (3 fish) - Blue/Green Dolphin on rigger 60-70' down (3 fish) - John King SUV Flasher w/ Mirage UV fly 120' back on 3 setting diver (1 fish) - Moonshine Bloodynose RV 300' 45# copper (2 fish) - DW Coyote Ugly Spoon Regular Size 250' 45# copper (1 fish)
  20. This is just ridiculous. Well done as always Don.
  21. Went 9 for 11 last night. Setup in 70 FOW trolled to 160 before we got our first hit. Caught 3 from 160-180 and then moved back in for sunset. Caught one in 140 then the balance in 90 from 8:30 til 9:30. Successful setups below: - SS Green Muffin Mini on free slider rigger set at 110 (2 fish, lost 1) - Mag blue/green dolphin 250' 45# Copper (2 fish) - Diver Green/White Spin Doctor w/ mirage green fly 180' back on 3 setting (1 fish) - Flounder Pounder on 250' 45# Copper (1 fish) - Happee meal 90' down on rigger in 90' of water (1 king and 1 steelhead, odd) - Spongebob as a slider on the above setup (1 fish, lost 1)
  22. Setup on 80 FOW and targeted 100 FOW all morning. 100' has been very productive for me the last four trips. This morning we were 10 for 16. Had about four straight diver strikes that didn't stay hooked up. Stuff that worked: -White blade Spin Doctors with Green or Mountain Dew tape and Mirage green flies on copper, rigger, and diver, 50-80 down -Mag mixed veggies spoon on 3 setting diver 180 back -BLL UV NBK on 200' 45# copper -Mag caramel dolphin on 250' 45# copper -Flounder pounder on 300' 45# copper -Captain Gary's regular on slider rigger down 60' -Blue/Green Dolphin mag on rigger down 60'
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