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  1. Adam, The best Big Weenie rig for me the last 3 yrs. has been the Rubber Poofster Flasher Fly Combo. Last year it caught 60% of my kings on the high diver. It is a must have.
  2. Does anyone use these for leadcore reels and has anybody had any problems with them? I picked up four of them from a buddy for the right price(free). How much lead can I put on them if i use 125 yds. of braid backing? thanks in advance Nutz
  3. There is rumor go around manistee and Ludington that a 38lber. Was caught yesterday out front of manistee and weighed at capt. Chucks does anyone have pix or confirmation of this?
  4. Just got home from another good trip to ludville. We fished tues. evening just for about 2 hrs as we didn't get into town til late. Ended going 1 for3. Can't remember all the details. But we ended the trip going 30 for about 42. Took alot of fish on the low divers at 110 ft. back on a Big Weenie meat rig and several fish on the high diver set up at 225 back with the big Weenie rubber poofster in the uv and also the glow after dark. Another spoon that continues to shine for me is the ss wallmart, it is a black blade with a white center and an eye on it. It has been consistently taking fish 115 down on the riggers with fixed and free sliders of the same spoon. Wallmart took quite a few fish early instead the evening for us between 6-730. Then we would switch to the glow program. Another stand out was the bb spin dr. With a Big Weenie butter buns fly. This was my last trip up for the year and since the 23rd of july till today we took 5lakers,4 steelies, 6 ho's, and approx. 50 kings. Our largest king of the year fir us was 21 3/4 lbs. We fished approx. 18 trips in that time frame with four of those trips being less than an hour long due to weather.
  5. Fished this a.m. and went 4 for 4 with two big four yr olds and two lakers. Big Weenie once again was the best. First king came on a blue crush spin dr. With a big Weenie butter buns fly 105 back on the low diver. #2 came on a Big Weenie rubber poofster 225 back on the high diver. We fished 120the fow till 930we then went out to 340 fow and only got a laker 70 down on a Ss bone bender. Tonight we went back to the north and set up in 7010 fow out front of epworth and fished to the north. Took #1 a 18 king on a wallmart 55 down. #2 came on a Big Weenie rubber poofster as stated above a 21Big lb king. #3 was a 10 lb. King on a glow frog 55 down.#5 big Weenie strikes again this time 110 back on the high diver. #6 was a 22lb. King on a full core with a moonshine martini. Don't remember #4. We finished tonight 6 for 86 the two misses came unbuttoned on the Big Weenie rubber poofster one at 225 back and the other at 115 back. So far we are 25 for about 33 in five trips.
  6. Fished this a.m.went 10 for 12 fished from the 02'sway to about 05's. Big wienie meat took 2 at 225115 back and big Weenie rubber poofster took 2 at 225 back. Ss walmart took 2 at 115 down on the riggers a.d took another on a 300 copper w/ a bloody n ose. Tonight we fished the same area and went 6 for 6. #1 was on Micheal jackson Ss 115walmart down on the rigger, this went three times. #4 was a moonshine martini 69 down on the rigger. #5 came 5 min later on a ratchet jaw. #6 was on a full core with green jeans. finished the day going 16 for 22. 5 where coho the rest kings. Largest being 21.75lbs, and a couple of the hos where close to 9lbs:thumb:
  7. Maddie dog, when u went south and fished skinny what was your best rod and bait and if you where taking fish on dipsies how far back and on what setting? Thanks Nutz
  8. Sorry for the late report here are most of the details i can remember Wed. fished the pm lake from 1130am-1pm didnt take any hits only 3 boats on the small lake and one boat caught 3 long lining deep thuindersticks. Thurs. a.m. Had some buddies come in from missouri to break them in on salmon fishing they got to the dock at 6 and we where fishing by about 7. set up at 59.8 in 100 fow and with in 10 min. had the Big Weenie rubber poofster 205 back on a high braid walker mag diver(3 setting go) landed about an 18lb. king, #2 came on a Big weenie meat rig nfn uv 215 back on mag walker(3 setting) a 17lb king. Both these came before 745. At 9 am up in the 02's took another king about 10lbs 61 down on a rigger on mag flounder pounder. 30 min later Big Weenie rubber poofster went again 225 back another 10lb king. Finished the morning at about 1030 going 4 for 4. Thurs p.m.: went back to the north and set up in 100 fow working towards the stick fished primarily from 02's-03.5's from 100fow to 140fow ended the night going 2 for 4 can't remember all the details( little too much alcohol). Fri a.m.: went to the north again pretty much worked the same water as thurs night ended up going 5 for 7. Big Weenie meat took a 20lb 10oz. king and a 15lb king 225 back on high diver as described above. third came on a full core with a mag mongolian beef and the last two came on a silver streak magnum Walmart(uncle david and dennis from missouri are both truck drivers for walmart and had to buy it when they saw it). The walmart was 35ft back, 33 down for less than 15 min when it went a nice 12 lb. king when it fired the second time it was again in the same set-up and fired about 20 min later a nice twin brother to the 12 lber. Fri p.m.: water was very cold to the north so we started fishing just south of the pierheads at about 6pm out in 80fow and worked in and out till about 8pm then put it on a north troll in 45 fow going across the pierheads ended up going 2 for 2 both fish coming between between 9 and 930. one came on a full core mag. mong beef(steelhead) and the other on a naked lady ace high plug 69 down on the rigger. Sat a.m. we went back to the north this time starting in about the 04's in 80 fow and working up to the nets from 80fow out to 130fow we where 2 for 4 at 9am one coming on Big Weenie rubber poofster 225 back high braid mag diver(8lb coho) and the other on a blue bubble spin dr. 52 down on a rigger 50ft. off the ball(10lb. steelhead) At about 9 i looked out to the northwest and there where 3 charters working out near thwe shipping channel in 350-450fow and staying real close to each other and trolling real slow so i headed ther way and stayed inside of them about an 1/8th of a mile working the same direction. at 10am Big Weenie nfn uv meat rig 22 back on the high braid took off nice 20lb. king. set that rig back down and the half core with a mag. mong beef goes a nice 9lb. coho. get this fish in the boat and set the half back out and it gets tangled in the high diver meat rig twice in a row( what a mess) finally get the meat back in the water and not less than 15 min later it goes again another 18lb king. at 1130 just as we where ready to pull lines the 300 copper went with a wonder bread ace high plug a nice 10lb laker. Finished the morning going 6 for about 11 not sure of all the ones we lost but most of the hits where on BW probucts. Sat evening pulled out of the pierheads and ran to the point to find 6-8 foot waves with an occasional 10 thrown in to keep me honest. turned around and headed right back south fished the pierheads out in 45 fow and had one hooked up on a glow blue spatter back 35 down on a rigger and lost it. trolled all the way into the pm while watching to sunset and took a 24" pike on a swr down the chute right out front of the municipal marina. Ended the trip going approx. 19 for 25 with Big Weenie products taking about 10 fish. Just a side note back in june while fishing a walleye tournament on lake erie i had a little side bet with a friend that happens to be a charterboat capt and stacked his team with pretty good fisherman. well we weighed baskets at the end of the tournament and i not only won thew tournament weighing in 5 walleye at 33lbs but then i beat his 23 fish basket against my 23 fish basket by 17lbs.(sorry Jamie had to finally put it on the net) I was really looking fwd. to a rematch in Ludington but i think someone was scared and sold his boat.lol!!!!!!!!
  9. Learn to not even look at your gps speed. Always watch your down speed. I try to keep mine between 2.2-2.5 but occasionally they want it even faster
  10. Troy, where did you guys fish? north,south straight out? how deep?
  11. jake, read my posts from the 23-30th out of ludington if you have or can get the big weenie rubber poofster i was running do it it has been very good. run it 225 back on a high braid mag diver on a 3 setting. i also always compliment it with a blue bubble spin dr. on the low diver about 90 back on a 1 setting smaller diver( i think a #1)
  12. Come on guys lets get the ludington reports going again. I am headed back up on the 9th and will be reporting the 10th-14th. Lets see some good reports. Every little bit of info helps.
  13. Also this set up is normally run as ur deepest rigger to help avoid tangles
  14. This is what i have and love these set-ups. For my full cores i have the okuma 45d convectors back them with a little mono then 200yds braid then your leadcore and leader. For my 300 coppers i have the shimano tekota 800's this is the smoothest reel i have ever used. For the rod for the copper i use the shimano talora rod with the stainless eyes. The copper likes to eat anything with ceramic eyes. Not sure on the okuma reels but the shimano tekotas are going to run you about $200 and the shimano talora rods about $100. Another thing if i where you i would use the 45# copper instead of the 30#. Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps.
  15. NFN UV Meat Flasher 11" Custom NFN UV Meat Flasher. This is 2 of 3 in the NFN (No fish Nick) Collection. Nick is one of the best meat fishermen on the big lake and he has wanted these combinations for years. Price: $14.99 ..NFN UV Meat Rig This is 3 of 3 in the NFN (No Fish Nick) Collection. Nick is one of the best meat fishermen on the big lake and he has wanted these for years. Our own XXXtreme UV heads combined with UV Squids. As always hand Special k this is the one. Notice it is in there meat rig combos and it is the one labeled NFN UV Meat Flasher and the bait head that is next to it. As far as i am concerned this is also a must have.
  16. Fished this morning from 530-1030 ended up going 6 for 6. #1 was a small king caught on a swr with a moonshine raspberry carbon 55 down,#2 Big weenie meat rigg 225 back on a high braid diver,#3 laker caught on the swr same set up, #4 and #5 Big Weenie poofster paddle with rubber poofster fly 225 back on a high diver, and #6 a 300 copper with a silver horde naked lady. This ended our week with the family in Ludington we ended up going approx. 25 for 32. Not bad for the weather we had we fished i believe 6 trips and 2 of them where less than an hour long due to weather. The fishing seems to be getting better day by day as due the sea fleas. Almost all our fish where caught within a half mile of each other all week. Mostly between 02 and 03 off the bank near the point. Our big fish for the trip was about 20.5 lbs. Took alot of fish between 16lbs. and 18lbs. I will be back in Ludington from the 10th-14th as always reports will follow. Again a very big thank you to Big Weenie for putting out a great fish catching product. As you all can see in todays report and all my others from this week and if you look back at my posts from last year the last week of july and my trips in Aug. that there products are catching 75% of my fish. Last year alone the Big Weenie Blue poofster paddle with matching rubber poofster fly caught 30 of my 57 kings. If you give them a call and order anything make sure you get at least one of the above mentioned and tell Gary you heard about it on Nutz report. Also I installed the new fishhawk x4 last week before i left and it worked flawlessly. I had the depth raider for four years and could never consistent readings from it it worked only about 50% of the time. The x4 worked 100% of the time and has a super easy to read screen and took me less than 2 hours to install. Another great piece of equipment that no one should go without. I feel it has improved my catch rate by at least 50%.
  17. Fished tonight from 730-815 then we pulled lines as it was starting to rain, the fog got thick and the skies to the west didnt look good. we went 2 for 2. the first came on a Big Weenie meat rig on the high diver 225 back. second came on a swr 55 down on a moonshine raspberry carbon. first fish came in 165 fow around the 02's and second was in 135 fow at about 02.5's. as we pulled lines the bait where starting to show up. Water temps are good 72 on the surface and 50 at 45 down
  18. Ludington July 28th am First let me say Big Weenie has absolutely rocked for me. This morning we set up in 90fow at the 00's worked our way north and had good temps at 45 down 49 deg. worked all the way up to the 04's our best depth was 110-120 from 03-04's. First fish came on a full core moonshine happymeal jplug. #2 was the big weenie rubber poofster combo 205 back on a high braid diver.#3 came on a big weenie meat rig(kind of a greenish color)225 back on a high braid diver.#4 another rubber poofster same as above but 225 back.#5 mtn. dew spin dr. with green mirage fly on a low diver 91 back.#6 came across someones floating lead core that got tangled in my high diver got my gear in and started cut the twists out and found a 12lb. king on the other end that i hand lined in. ended up save almost the full core and got a nice spoon a silver streak half silver half mixed veggies. had a great day for us ended the day 6 for 7 with a several other licks. Big Weenie rubber poofster combo took 2 fish today and the miss and had at least 4 other licks. the b.w. meat rig also had at least one other lick. I also need to warn everyone that the net bungee is garbage. i picked up 2 of them at the birch run show and both of them broke as soon as the first fish hit the net after they where installed.
  19. The charters have been struggling just like the recreational fishers. Most i have talked to are averaging around 10 fish per trip. The size is there though. Go to captain chuck's website in ludington and go to the fish report and look at the pic from today.
  20. we fished north this am between the bathhouse and the stick. started in about 85fow and the water was ice cold. turned to the east and ran into skinny water and the water was just as cold. 50 on the surface and 41 down 30. temps stayed pretty much the same till we got out to 180fow then the temps jumped to 64 on the surface 54 30 down and 48 45down. we ended up going 5 for 6. 2 kings, 1 steelie, and 2 lakers. first king came on Big weenie rubber poofster off the braid high diver 225 back, #2 king came on a low diver 91 back on a large spin dr. black and pearl with matching fly.#3 laker came on a moonshine happymeal 55 down on a rigger, # 4 another laker came on a low diver spin dr mtn. dew 95 back. #5 a nice steelhead on a half core with a moonshine happy meal. The miss came on the big weenie and that rig took 3 other rips.
  21. it is the rubber poofster. if you call them and ask for the one that the crazy ohioian drove all the to get so he had it in the morning, they will know what you need. i am running that exclusively on a braid high diver magnum walker dipsy on a 3 setting between 205-225. i have the fly about 24 in. behind the paddle.
  22. ludington 26th a.m. and big weenie fished this a.m. from 8-10 had a couple bumps but no takers. the temp break has moved up since yesterday in the am. yeaterday the break was at 64ft. today it was at 45ft. we did not mark hardly any fish today out in 85-120 fow. my question for you guys is where should i try and go in the am? should i try and find them in shallow or out in deeper water? A very special thank you to karen and gary at big weenie. i lost both my blue poofster flasher fly combos today and gave them a call and gary was more than happy to overnight them to me but i wanted them for the morning so i ran down to the shop in g.r. and karen hooked me up with some great stuff. thanks again karen. if you guys have not tried ther stuff give it a good honest try. the blue poofster flasher fly combo run on a braided magnum high diver has taken 60% of my fish the last 2 yrs.
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