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  1. Ludington 25th a.m. Fished north this a.m. only fished till 630 and called it quits due to the wind. took one 4yr. old about 16lbs. 55 down on a moonshine with blue ladder back.
  2. we fished up north tonight. Had dad driving and the boys(12 and 16yrs old) bringing in the fish and me running the gear. we started at about 630 first hit came at about 730 on a swr 60 down on a firecracker with earrings. knot failed fish lost. nothing till 830 then all h.e. dbl hockey sticks broke loose. first fish came on a big weenie blue rubber poofster 205 back on a high diver, 17 lb. king. next a 18lb. king on a black mamba meat rig 205 back on high diver. the last two came on 1/2 cores not sure on colora but one was a moonshine with orange and white with a blue nose and the other was a silver streak blue and green with a glow ladder back. the last three where a triple header and got all 3. finished the night about 4 for 7. big weenie took 3 other hits. this bait has been my best the last 2 years. i am up here all week more reports to follow.
  3. Brian thanks for the report i am from Oregon. I will be up the 23rd-30th if you are up during that time look me up or watch for reports. the picture on the prifile is my boat. I will be at the muni marina.
  4. Ok guys the tournament is over does anyone have any reports? i will be up the 23rd-30th and will be reporting everyday. any info is always appreciated
  5. I am truly a Ludington MI lover and enjoy the fishing there and lots to do for the kids around town. With that being said I live on the western basin of Lake Erie. If you would stay near the Port Clinton area you can fish if the weather permits, which in a 7 day vacation this time of year you will probably be able to fish at least 4 days. On the days you can't fish you are only 30 min. away from Cedar Point the largest and best amusement park in North America. You would not be disappointed with this area.
  6. Who has the best price on the Tekotas?
  7. Tom, There are quite a few posts by myself and others in the fishing reports section for ludington, find them and read carefully. I will also tell you when you get to Capt. Chucks do not and i emphasize do not leave the store without the following: 11" blue Bubble Spin Dr. and Blue Bubble Fly, two naked ladies(silver horde ace hi) its a white double glow with nothing on it( just ask the guys they will show it to you), two Dreamweaver Plugs the white one with pink dots, if you have any copper run the pinky on them. Last weekend the 130 fow from the 04's to 07's was very good. If you have anymore questions shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and i'll give you my cell #.
  8. Thanks guys that is what i thought, I was hoping that i wasn't going nuts. He had me thinking that i was doing it wrong all along. I have a little surprise planned for him and cutting his testicles might just be in the works.
  9. I need some advice and some opinions, so I am about to open the can of worms. The following is how I run rods on my boat: 3-Riggers(two outdowns and another off the portside back corner) 4- Divers(two per side a high and low) 2-300' Coppers(one per side) 2-Full Cores(one per side)or 2-half cores(one per side) My question is should I run my equal length coppers and full cores or split them like I do. For example: put both my fulls on the portside and my coppers on the starboard or viceversa? I was told by a 30 year veteran charter capt. out of Ludington that I should run my coppers on one side and my cores on the other. **** Just a side note this is the same guy that was overtaking me along my portside on Sun. and took off with my high diver, full core, and copper at 7am as i was already 5 for 5. It took me 45 minutes to get everything straight and attempt to retieve my lost board. Which left me with about 30 minutes to fish as we had to get on the road. His excuse "you weren't trolling fast enough and I fish here all the time". Needless to say I hope we can have a man to man conversation in the bar or back alley, which ever he chooses
  10. Fished Ludington thurs. thru sun. a.m. And boy was it tough going. The weather was beautiful but the water is very warm. We ended up going 17 for about 27. Here is a run down of what i can remember: Approx 5 on DW white plug with pink dots on 300' copper Approx 3 on Big Weenie Rubber Poofster 225 back on high diver Approx 5 on ace high naked lady 1-Full core wonderbread 1-55 down on a rigger with a green spatter back 2-11" Blue Bubble Spin Dr. with bb fly Want to give out a thanks to Mark Williams on Silver Addiction for some good advice and taking the time to sit down and talk, he is a wealth of information.
  11. Does anyone know why Best Chance didn't fish the tournament? Last i heard Ludington has not made any decisions!
  12. The wind over the weekend was terrible, only able to fish fri. night and sat. morning. Fished in the usual spots up north between the bath house and the stick. the water is still fairly warm and the break is about 70 down off the bank. the cold water has not moved in or on top of the shelf yet. We went 5 for 5 on fri. night and 8 for 9 on sat. a.m.. If you read my earlier posts from ludington the Big Weenie Rubber Poofster Paddle with matching fly 225 back on the high diver has been awesome. it has taken approx. 30 of my last 43 fish.
  13. Last night started in 175fow at about 700pm fished till 915pm. Ended up going 5 for 7. Our best water was around 140fow off the bathhouse. Big Weenie Big Paddle in blue and pearl with the matching fly on a high diver 225 back has been very good for us the last couple days. It took three of the five last night and also the two losses where on it. 3-Big Weenie as stated above 1-Blue spatter back S.D. with blue bubble fly on the high diver 200 back 1-Moonshine Bloody Nose w/ dots(NEW) on a rigger This a.m. it was a slow rough ride going up to the point started in 125fow. Ended up going 4 for 6. The lake laid down as the morning went on. The bite was early and as soon as the sun got over the dunes it was extremely slow. 2-Big Weenie as stated above 1-Blue Spatter back as stated above 1-Moonshine Green glow frog plug (NEW) down 75 on a rigger
  14. Fished last night and went 5 for 5. Started fishing at 7pm. First fish came at 720pm. Had four in the boat by 810pm. Ran out to 175 fow and put it on a NE troll First fish came in about 185fow and the last of the first four in 195fow. Last king came in 135fow at 910pm as we where pulling lines. 3-High Diver 225 back Big Weenie blue and pearl big paddle with matching fly. 1-High Diver 225 back Blue Bubble S.D. with Blue Bubble fly. 1-85 down on a rigger w/ the new Moonshine Flounder Pounder plug. This morning we went 4 for 5. Alot of 10-15 fish coolers at the cleaning station at the city marina though. 2-High Diver 225 back with the Big Weenie set-up mentioned above. 1-Full Core M.D. Spin Dr. w/green fly 1-Low Diver 125 back with 11" UV S.D. W/ Mirage fly Missed another on the high diver. Had several drive-bys that never hooked up. Last night up in the 03 and 32's the water was 71deg. 105 ft. down. Down in the 00's and 34's it was 50deg. 90 down. This morning the break seemed to have moved in a little. 50 deg. down 80 out near 01.5 and 32. Am going to try and get out this evening if I can talk the wife into driving. I have worn my dad out and he needs a night off(wimp).He would have never given me a night off back in the day(not that I would of taken it anyways). Will try and report tomorrow Todd NUT-N-EZE Ch. 5
  15. Did not fish the a.m. today the forecast scared alot of people and most didnt fish. Talked to Glen from Raptor at the cleaning station this a.m. and he gave good info. Check out his report you can link it thru Capt. Chucks site. I am going to try and get out this evening will try and post tomorrow afternoon after the a.m. trip.
  16. Nick, I have the Lowrance lcx27c hd, I know there are alot of guys on here that will bash Lowrance but i cannot. i have had mine for four years and not had any problems. I feel it is very user friendly and has always been very reliable. I also have 2 buddies that have bought the new Hd models one of them bought just the sonar model and the other bought the combo(sonar&gps) and they are also very happy. Todd Nut-N-Eze
  17. Fished last night went 3 for 3 all kings two of them being 15lbs. and the other about 12. Started up in the 05's in 125fow and worked south first fish came on a sd mountain dew with green fly. then the next 2 came on full cores with a ace hi mother of pearl(wonderbread) in about 10 min. Only fished from 8 till 915 and called it an early night. Back at it this morning and i couldn't even bat my weight. Went 3 for 8 with two nice steelies the biggin at about 10lbs. and 11lb. king. The steelies came on a mountain dew sd 225 back on a high diver, and a blue bubble sd with matching fly on a 300 copper. The king came on a low diver 125 back with a big weenie blue bubble flasher and matching fly. Also missed two others on the copper and also a couple misses on high divers. Riggers never went today and i ran them all over the place from 55 down when we where up on top of the bank to 100 down when we worked out to 290fow. the last steelie that we got was the 225 back on the high in 290fow at about 900am.
  18. Fished Sun. morning up near the point in 90 to 110 fow in rough conditions, steady fours with the occasional six thrown in. The surface temp was 74deg. and the temp didnt break till about 80-82fow. Ended up going 2 for 4 in just about 2 hours of fishing. My two boys who are 11 and 15 handling the fish, dad driving and me running the gear. Monday was much better fishing conditions with 1-2 footers and a gorgeous morning with the full moon it was an early bite. Same crew as yesterday. Went 5 for 7 with 4 by 615am. Had quads on at one point and got three of the four. Our best bait so far has been Moonshine Psycho Magnum. It has taken 4 of our 7 off the rigger between 55 and 70 down. Black Lightning jplug off the full core took two, and Happee meal 65 down took another. Will be up all week fishing will try and keep the reports coming as often as possible Todd Nut-N-Eze Ch. 5:
  19. I have a pair of speed troll downriggers that are approx. 20yrs old. They where made in Frankfort Mi and i can't find anyone with replacement parts. Anybody have any suggestions?
  20. Heading over to New Buffalo for the holiday weekend, does anybody have any good ideas were to head and try first as to not waste time? I will be over all weekend and am always willing to share info. I will be on 72 and 5. Todd NUT-N-EZE Ch 5 and 72:
  21. I have a Baha 231 GLe and am having a 9.9 Yamaha High Thrust put on this week by Happy Days Boating. I know alot of people that have the ez-steer but know no one that has the Panther t4. I would really like to hear some different opinions on the two. I am also having the Trollmaster put on.
  22. Randy, I will be in NB next month what are you refering to when you say the "arms". and what does BTF stand for?
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