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  1. glad it helped you out. I've have only seen it like that a couple of times when something so specific is working so good. I was fishing 11 lines last night so 5 of 11 had that set up and they took 14 of 18 hits. The other sets-ups had moonshines and some of my other best stuff but it was pretty much being ingnored. Here's another tip for you. I'm running my fly leaders 36 to 48" long. When I buy a PS fly I throw away the leader, hook, and beads. I put it back together with a Owner hook, 50# floro leader and 5 green glow beads.
  2. Sounds like a good idea Eric, if they will really listen. Last year everyone I talked to and overheard was against it at the captians meeting, but then the fishing went south and everyone was struggling just to get 5 and the complaining quited down quite a bit. If the fishing had stayed good I'm sure there would of been a lot more. I agree with the committee's wanting to bring in new partistapants, I just think this is not the way. Most of these big TT 2 day events are fished by serious fisherman who are there to compete, know matter what level they are at. Theres plenty of 1 day low key events for beginners to work there way up to wanting to get into these. I love the BRC, I think its the best run of all the tourneys we fish. I just wish that the event had not been "dumbed down" competition wise.
  3. After a good Sat am trip of 9 for 13, we decided to head out later on Sun with 2 of the grandkids. Started about 6pm in 60fow and went west. 1st hook up was a 10# steelie on a JPS JJ Special(this spoon is hot for steel we took 3 on it sat am)in about 100fow. After that is was "fish on" for about 3 hours straight with the grandkids handling most of the cranking and we ended up 14 for 18 with 2 steel, 1 coho, 1 laker, and 10 kings. 8 of the kings were in the mid teens. What worked: 8"mt dew SD with a pickled sunshine fly went 14 times on 5 different set ups. Wire diver back 140 at 2 went 9 times by itself. Best depth was 110 to 120 but we could only get them going East and West even though I tried N & S 3 different times. So I basiclly just kept making ovals moving slightly north each lap. Didnt mark many fish and saw a little bait in 114fow.
  4. This is not Kevin from WAH. This is his son who fishes tournaments with him. This is a very well run tournament. We have fished this going all the way back to '06. Fishing higher entry fee tournaments demands and brings competition. So my short, simple, honest opinion, is that the 333 part of this tournament has become more of a competition than the actual pro am. Catch 10 weigh 5 diminishes the competition for the guys who fish this tournament every year. My question is..Do u want to risk losing all the fisherman who have made this tournament what it is? I completely understand the sponsors make it what it is too. But for the guys who pay their money year after year to fish this should not have their input taken lightly. The best thing about tournaments is the competition. that is why we enter. I believe that if the current format is kept it will end up being regretted. So lets change it back to the way it was.
  5. in fact 3 of the top 4 spots were Hol/Saug locals, so what does that say about.........
  6. Just got off the phone with Bill who is on his way home from the Jeffery Morris Memorial tournament in Chicago. Even thought Bill is an amateur competitor he entered the Pro Division and won. $10000 first Place. Way to go Billy, you da Man!!!!!
  7. started about 2 mile north and north trolled to 2 miles south of GH.
  8. Awesome morning today. 15 for 19 with all kings over 10# and 3 coho 1 of which was almost 7# and 1 steelhead about 7#. Cooler with water was well over 175# and to much for me to carry 1 end. Getting old and weak and chubby and bald... Lost 1 steelhead on a rigger that rocketed straight up an came out of the water 5 feet then jumped 4 more times and got off. What worked, setting lines at 5:25. first fish at 5:35 and 10 by 6:40. Done by 9:15 80 to 130 50/90 down mostly flashers and green flies. Heard it was slow for a lot of guys but they were just late to the bite.
  9. What a riot. Went south with FBD to NB for the Michianna SH kids Salmon tourny. 50 kids ages 8 to 16. I had my Grandson, 8 and Kevin had his 9 year old daughter. Never saw two kids hit it off so well. We left town at 4am and those 2 imedatily started swapping fishing stories in the back seat all the way there. We went 15 for 16 with the kids handling the rods and had about 130# box with 3 steelhead, 1 laker, 2 coho and 10 kings. Andrea won 4th place missing 3rd by .04# with a 14.82 king. Tyler had a 13# king that would have come in around 7th but opted out to weigh a 8.6# steelie that got him a plaque for big steel and 25th for the last overall trophy. They both got $25 also. THIS WAS A GREAT TOURNAMENT and very well run with some great prizes and free raffle that included 4 bicycles. Im going to talk to the steelheaders board at the next board meeting about trying to to do this here.
  10. 8 for 10 this morning with some very nice kings 5 between 12 and 17#. 120 to 140, could only get them going NW. Mt Dew SD and green flies on copper best.
  11. I just bought 2 cv-55 and returned them for the same reason. They gave me 2 news ones that had just come in and there not much better. They do seem to get better with use. Now you know where they get the "all or nothing drag" complaint. Never ha d this on my 45 or 30's.
  12. this thread shows exactly what I said earlier, the guys that fish it don't want it. Dumbing down is society's way of making everybody feel good about their efforts. Its like kids sports where they dont keep score but every kid thats a competitor knows who won.
  13. Friday prefishing for the Steelheaders, 4th and last fish was a 3 to 4# tiger trout. Now I've never even heard of a tiger, but what we caught was shaped like a lake trout but the colors were awesome, big round white rings. Unfortanatly we released with out taking a picture. Someone told me it might be a splake so I looked up on line, but next to the splake was a picture of a tiger and there was no doubt what it was. Turns out its a cross between a brown and a brook trout and quite rare. He still swimming around north of PS. Here's a link if you want to see a picture, it looked like the one on the bottom. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:TigerTrout3.jpg
  14. good job Eric. cant believe an exact tie like that.
  15. Eric, I voted 15/5 but I to would rather have 15/10 or 15/12. We changed the rules for Sat steelheader's to weigh 5 and all I've heard is complaints. I know it evens the playing feild to only weigh 5 but isn't that what competition is all about. I've missed the mark of getting a daily limit in lots of tournaments, but on the days I do I want to be rewarded for it. I mean isn't it a competition about testing your fishing skill. I think the guys that enter these events want this, and the commitee's over look that to try and get more people to enter, which doesn't really happen anyway. My 2 cents.
  16. Dave I think you might want to have your speed indicator checked out if you think you were going that fast Sat am. We paced you all moring and I was running 2 to 2.2.
  17. we decided to try inside before running out since we had taken 18 monday with in 300 yards of the pier heads. Set lines in the channel and trolled out about 200 yards not really seeing much. I was ready to blast out deeper but the boys wanted do a couple laps. Turned back towards the peir and hit a triple then 5 doubles in the nent hour. At one point watched SZ go past with 6 on at the same time. We had 26 on but only put 12 in the boat. I have never lost more than I caught like this, but it was still fun. Glad it wasnt a tournament. Lost at least 10 over 10# that were halfway to the boat an just came unbuttoned. No real big ones, mostly about 8#. Tons of bait in the channel and lake Mac. Must be ringing the dinner bell. Hopefully those alewives hang here all summer.
  18. My son was on a 5 boat charter trip for work and all limited out early except 1. 150 to 220 grand haven
  19. the best way to help feed the alewives is to dump more nutrients into the lake and the only way thats going to happen is if the waste water treatment plants overflow from flooding and have to dump into the rivers. Not very good for swimers and beach go'ers but a smorgastboard for the alewives.
  20. Originally Posted by Far Beyond Driven Anyone caught making a fake mayday call should be towed 40 miles out in a row boat and have the tow rope cut. This might not be too bad a punishment if you had a couple of flat lines, some orange spoons and could row 3.5
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