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  1. here is whats working for us. set the drags tighter in the holders for a better hook set, but quickly asap loosen the drag before removing from the rod holder then let the fish run against a looser drag and dare I say it, thumb it softly till it tires, add some drag and crankem in.
  2. great job Terry. How come you guys arent teaming up for the Big Red for a chance at some real money? Seems like you guys are dialed in on the big ones.
  3. Congratulations to Don of Tangled Mess on winning going away, and Ken Hengst for big fish. Good job steelheaders. We had 9 lakers and a king but nothing big. Took us 2 hours to go from 9 to 10. fished 75 to 90fow.
  4. I'm kinda on the fence on this one. I agree with Mark that this will tighten up the ranks and allows more guys to compete. Still, I think that the better fisherman will have an advantage chosing from their 10. Luck could win it for someone but anyone that can pull 5 15# for 2 straight days deserves to be in the hunt. Thats what a freind of mind thinks it will take, Id say 13# avg takes it. I salute the committee for trying and appreciate the $$$ changes for the ams. Im looking forward to it.
  5. good job Dave, I felt the same way Sat. Sometimes its just not your day. PS I caught a laker sat on a fixed slider on a rigger down 42 and on a 100' copper in 60+ degree water going 3.0 on sat pm. one had 18 alewifes in it.
  6. Sat JimBobber and I decided to go deep and be boat buddies in case of any boat trouble. This plan didnt work so good since he was boxed out a 8ish and we had about 2 when we said good bye. We ended with 3 kings and 1 coho and missed 6, 2 of which would have been our biggest of the year. It was frustrating because all my freinds all had great am trips, so I decide to go back out for the evening bite. We started in 165 trolled out to 265 and back to 222. We redeemed our selves by going 10 for 10 before we lost a fish and ended up 12 for 15, with 4 steelhead, 3 lakers, and 5 kings. Mostly spoon bite with carmel dolphin being the only multiple bite spoon. 165 to 200 took the 4 steelhead all between 6 and 9#. Flat calm beautiful both trips.
  7. went right back to 100fow and went 16 for 22, this time with 2 kings, 2 coho, 2 steelhead, and 10 trout. trout all came on trash can dodger with a big weenie light green fly. Salmon on MJ and mixed veggie MAG. lakers on the bottom, salmon at 70, steel at 60.
  8. 2.4 to 2.6, pull back on the throttle when you see a mark on the bottom.
  9. quick report cause its late. 16 for 21 in 100fow 70 to the bottom, 7 kings, 7 lakers and 2 steek,N and S trolls. Trash can on the bottom, MJ on a rigger down 60 and blue dolphin. June slow down is done
  10. pretty tough fishing right now. we only managed 2 lakers on sat am.
  11. I used to run my release under the probe with the same problems. Now I run a blacks about 14" above the probe. Problem solved. I just put a crimp and a bead on both sides to hold it in place to avoid any kind of another connection above the probe.
  12. spoons, spoons, and more spoons. Tried flasher/flies but they have not started up for us at all. Very weird. Normally we would be switched over by now. Must be the cold water/east winds. It was still 43 degrees surface last sat.
  13. Here's all you have to do. Get Plumcrazy on one side of you and DirtyDog on the other then just follow them around all day. If they split up just listen to their radio talk and go by who's getting the most. Worked for us Monday as we were 17 for 18. Phil will try to ditch you but Terry is just too nice. LOL Oh ya, just use all the lures in their pictures, and go the same speed and direction and you too will look like a pro.
  14. sounds like excuses to me. Havent you ever watched KVD land those big bass? Or how about getting the auto pilot to help net. LOL Are you happy with how the boat performed solo, was it a good decision.
  15. if they are "sharks" brand then take them. there are some imatations that dont compare
  16. looks like you got them dialed in for Sat. LOL I'll be out fri am, call me
  17. 2011 Michigan Steelheaders Challenge Less than 2 weeks till the May 21st MSC. This event open to anyone but you must have at least 1 current steelheader on board. Last years first anual had 43 boats. This year expecting 60ish. We have teams coming from all over the state, including the Huron, Flint and Metro steelheaders. This year we have an new twist. Boats from outside the area can be paired with an area boat to also compete for the "presidents cup" for combined weight, and can work together. Details and sign-up on www.hollandsteelheaders.org website Only $50.
  18. Good job Dave, better days are on the way. What is a quillback?
  19. Dog, I really don't mind that you outfish me all the time, really, but do you have to do with a bunch of spoons I've never even heard off. I think you have a hidden interest in a local tackle shop. Great job.
  20. Went out to 50fow to find some clean water. Found a 20yd wide slick between the dirty and clear water running south as far as you could see. It was full of seagulls and diver ducks and junk. We stopped right there and I said get ready boys. First fish as soon as lines were set, pulled out 1/2 core 355' without stopping. 14# king on a superslim goldylocks. I was thinking were going to whomp them today. Next 2 hours, nothing. We trolled up, down, across, inside, outside, zig zag and everyspeed from 1.8 to 3.0. Even when we found a stretch of bait balls and scathered bait, nothing. Only time we marked anything was on the dirty side and there was no temp break, 44.something on both sides. Finally gave up and went deeper. found a lot of marks in 80/90fow and managed 1 8#laker on a mono diver with a ss green dolphin. Nothing in the king, 3 gobies in the laker.
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