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  1. The picture is not me but one of my crew. He is trying to secretly indicate that this king was caught on a "flasher/fly" set up since I won't let them give out that info durning a tournament week.
  2. We boated our first king over 20# yesterday. It took us 4 1/2 years to do it. She weighed 22.98. 9 out of 12 we took were females with 8 over 10#. 4 were already sporting a slight suntan.
  3. We went 4 for 8 in the same water. 2 kings, a laker, and a nice steelie. I had a chummer who I had assured it was going to be a calm day. NOAA is terrible this year.
  4. Good Job, are you using the Omni 30#. Does anyone sell it by itself without the backing and leader?
  5. This guy hitched a ride with us for about 15 min. Sat, right on the fish finder. Then he turned around and took a dump right on my screen. I think he was trying to help since we hadn't maked s##t all morning.
  6. If I was running just 2 coppers it would be 300' of 45# howie, and 300' of 30#. those 2 have taken a lot of fish over the years. I run 100 and 200 in 45# also. You have to get used to copper a little but when you do it does usually outfish everything else. CAUTION- you need to keep a thumb on the spool at all times when you start to let your copper out to keep it from overspooling. If it does, push the line back on the reel a little and grab it on the back side of the reel and pull up on it to get it free. Hard to explain but you'll figure it out because no matter how hard you try it happens(overspool). I hear the new nickel plated is much better for this but costs more. Copper can be spliced easy by just overlapping about 3" and wrapping in both directions like a haywire twist. Copper is well worth the occasional headache. The newer the copper the more it wants to overspool also.
  7. good job phil, you've smoked'em the last 2 weeks.
  8. thats funny Frank, even funnier if you knew his dad and what we went through with him,
  9. been waiting 5 years to take my grandson out and certianly worth it. We were 7 for 9. We dropped the ploes into the flush mount chute rod holder and he kneeled on the dog house and brough in all 5 of the big ones. Biggest was 16#. 130 to 150 mostly rigger bites, moonshine and paddles. He loved it even though it was pretty rough.
  10. Just Hook'n, my buddy had one 19.25 tues night too. We had 3 19# last year(on digital scale), but have yet to put a 20 in the boat. There have been 2 that might of been but they didn't quite make it into the boat. I'm thinking this might be the year.
  11. Mike, don't know about the overall picture, but the fish we are cacthing are considerably bigger. It started in NB and SJ with the coho being mostly around 3# instead of #2. Best spring king for us in the past has been 16#. We beat that 5 times already. These fish look different too. They look short and fat, not long and skinny. DNR biologist told me 2 years ago that short fat is much healthier. They have some real shouldeers on them this year. When you cut off a filet it is noticable thicker than last year. The fish look very healthy too, except the 2 biggest had some red spots that looked like bleeding under the skin, hope its not VHS. I think we have bigger fish this year, and looking at reports it seems like its all up and down the coast.
  12. Thanks Nick, you are right. Mon 15/24, Tues 8/13, Fri 16/23 and Sun 20/23. By far our best week ever. ya gotta go when there here. Hopefully it keeps up fot the SH tourney. Love these new limit regs.
  13. Didn't think it could get any better, but it did. We went 20 for 23 w/14 kings and 6 lakers, w 11 kings over 11# pounds(bottom row). Mag spoons in green and blue and 10" SD did most of the damage 50 down to bottom on all set-ups. Big king was 19.2 and big laker was just over 12#. Straight out 90/110 north and south troll.
  14. good job Phil, I guess I can stop going out of Holland now.
  15. good job, I see that they were right were we left them.
  16. Mike, we had a green spin doctor down for an hour on rigger with nothing. We did take one on a meat rig. Caught 1 laker on a blue bubble SD and blue fly. Blueberry Muffin (fishlander) took 4 early and Double trouble took 5 or 6. It was very foggy all the way to noon.
  17. I wish fishing was always this good, this spring has rocked. Fished this morning with Westwind and went 17 for 23 in 80 t0 100 straight out and south. Not as many big ones but 3 over 10 and 1 15#. Released 5 lakers 1 was 10#. Any spoon worked as long as it was a glow/magnum. ST45*, fished 45 down to bottom. No pitures today I left the camera on my boat,
  18. Sorry this report is a little late but had to work 2 12 hour shifts wed and thur, thought it might help some though. Fished with 2 boats south in 65 to 90fow. 19 for 27 with 6 or 7 kings over 10# including a 17 and a 19.25. Released 4 lakers on purpose and 3 steelhead not on purpose. Mag spoons on rigger down 50 and 70 were hot with blue and green dolphin.
  19. we did at first but never took a hit till we changed it to 1.5. We were using a mag DD glow white with ring. Just found this site last week or so. Very nice. I'm mostly on GLA. Would you mind giving me a breif history of this site? Thanks if possible.
  20. Awesome day. 15 for 24, w/10 kings, coho, and 4 lakers. About 125# box. 5 kings over 10, biggest 17#. 70 to 100fow. Mostly mags spoons, but 6 for 7 on wire diver back 240 w/10" SD and blue/gold fly. 6 fish after 1:00 pm. Our first 3 man limit with the new regs.
  21. Fished from 4 to 8 south around power plant. Tried 15 to 75fow with 45 best. Went 3 for 3 with 2 kings, 4# and 12#, and 1 coho. All came on deep diving chartruse body baits on flat lines/boards.
  22. Port Sheldon. 5 to 40fow. Surface Temp 33 to 35. Winds SW 10 to 15. 10am. Bright sunny. Bubbler water apx 40. Looking for browns and steelhead. Any ideas?
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