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  1. A little off the big lakes... but I'm headed out there eventually this summer.
  2. Was just out there last week... purchased a license from a local bait shop... no need for a salmon/trout stamp.
  3. I live in the great state of NH... 500 miles due east of the Great Lakes. And yet I've still managed to catch the bug!!! Looking forward to my next trip out.
  4. Yeah, I've been bitten by the Great Lakes bug... I'm from NH and we just don't have the size you folks do... I'm hoping to learn about setups and gear needed to be able to drive out and do some trolling/drifting for the bigguns. Fished lower Niagara for the first time a couple weeks ago and saw the potential of this fishery. Looking forward to trying my hand at it.
  5. Any possibilities of a picture? How old? Will you ship to NH for actual shipping costs?
  6. Hey are the combos still available? If so what size are the reels? By combo I assume you mean rod and reel... both Cabelas DepthmasterII? Also are they one or two piece? I'm quite interested... can you ship? How much to 03246?
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