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  1. Is the fish coloration the primary way to tell if kings are ok to eat? How late in the season are they still viable for eating. Also, does the spawn affect steelhead as well? Thanks, JO
  2. I run one on my walleye boat and it is primarily for slow speeds, under 1.2 mph. My 9.9 kicker is a better option for long days of trolling at higher speeds. High speed trolling would wipe out my three batteries before the day ended. Take care, Jim O
  3. My first 5 years are up and I need to renew. I have reviewed the USCG site and done all the paperwork and have to finish up with a physical and drug test to complete the paperwork. I am in Hartland Wi. and wondering if you Milwaukee area guys can make a suggestion as to the facilities you recommend to the physical and drug tests. I used Medical Assoc in Waukesha 5 years ago and am waiting for a price from them. They did not seem too up to speed on the process. Thanks, Jim Ordway
  4. I am mostly a walleye guy, but you guys post up a lot of interesting stuff so I thought it appropriate to register. A good and safe season to you all. Jim O
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